"Operation Gobble" is coming to the Hesston Area Senior Center.

The project started a year ago at the Halstead Senior Center.

The operation will collect items to be packed in boxes and mailed to Kansas Troops overseas as a way to thank them and all they do for and help them have a "touch" of home during the holiday season. The senior center will collect items through October 28.

Sorting and packing of boxes will be 9:30 a.m. Oct. 30.

Donated items may be put in the designated boxes in the Coat area of the foyer at the Center. Donations for mailing costs may be left in the office or with the receptionist.

Items collected include:

• Cards and letters

• Small holiday decorations

• Snacks and foods: Beef Jerky/Slim Jims, powdered drink mixes, sunflower seeds/pumpkin seeds, tuna/chicken in pouches or ready-to-eat kits, protein powder/protein bars, ground coffee, hot chocolate packets, teas, bagged snacks, candy (hard candy, fruit gummies, candy canes, or any wrapped candy but no chocolates), cookies, trail Mmix/dried fruit, dried soup and microwave popcorn.

• Toiletries: Baby Wipes or personal wipes/cleaning cloths, body wash, shampoo/conditioner, hair gel/mousse/hair spray, deodorant razors (disposable for men and women), lip balm, foot powder, lotion/moisturizer, sunblock (SPF 45 and higher), toothpaste, toothbrushes, floss, breath mints/breath strips, throat lozenges/cough drops, feminine hygiene products, Tylenol,and eye drops.

• Clothing: T-Shirts (green or tan undershirts- new only in sizes M, L or XL), socks (black, olive green or white —cotton or wool), knitted hats (black, tan or green).

• Entertainment: DVD movies, CD’s, portable CD players/head phones, Batteries (AA, AAA, C and 9-volt and no lithium please), electronic handheld games, 35 mm disposable cameras, small craft kits, scrap-booking items, game books, toys (Nerf footballs, Frisbees, hackey sacks, etc.)