After reading The Newton Kansan, Sept. 17, 2013, headline "Commission looks at renovation plans," it seems Willis Heck is doing what he was appointed to do —stymie the Recreation Center's improvement plans.

The Rec Center has completely backed off a $5 million project because it would require a mill levy increase as would the $1.8 million renovation project. The plan the Rec Center is working on is a $1.5 million project, with no mill levy increase.

In his words, Heck thinks "Even $1.5 million is high."

While on the city commission, he had no problem approving millions of dollars in city spending on the Logistics Park, Meridian Center, etc., but he thinks $1.5 million for basic upgrades and improvements is too much. I guess he thinks a good paint job will do.

— Roger Gillispie, Newton