I just felt the need to write about what I saw at the Oklahoma Christian University vs Bethel College women's soccer game on September 7 in Edmond, Oklahoma.

I was there with some friends and was very impressed with this little girl and her playing ability. I felt compelled to write this for two reasons, the first one to let the player know that people watching saw her great effort, and the other will hopefully help their coach realize he has a diamond in the rough, sitting behind him on the bench.

I went to the Bethel College website and saw that as of September 14, they have lost five games and won one, with one tie. This girl actually did a better job of passing and moving the ball down the field than some of the girls that had played the whole time. I told my friends if her coach would have put her in earlier Bethel might have won the game. They lost that game 4 to 0.

— William Lopez