The Kansas State Department of Education is seeking public input on proposed new Kansas handwriting standards.

The national discussion around handwriting and keyboarding instruction in particular has been elevated since the release of the English Language Arts Common Core Standards in 2010. With this in mind, the Kansas State Board of Education proceeded with discussions around this topic.

After reviewing information from a state-wide survey about handwriting instruction and research from the National Association of State Boards of Education, the Kansas State Board of Education asked that a set of Kansas Handwriting Standards be written for Kansas educators. The focus of these standards is handwriting because Kansas already has technology standards that address keyboarding.

The Kansas State Board of Education believes cursive handwriting as a student skill still holds an important place in the instructional practice of every school’s curriculum and can be integrated in multiple content areas.

"Research supports the role that handwriting instruction plays in the cognitive development of children, and this activity is even more important in an increasingly digital environment," a news release stated. "The Board strongly encourages educators to ensure that all students can write legibly in cursive and comprehend text written in this manner."

Public comment is welcomed until Friday, Oct. 24, 2013. Submit your comments on the KSDE website at