By Ashley Bergner Newton Kansan

How much does it cost to turn on the faucet in your kitchen? To take a shower? To water the lawn?

Depending on where you live in Kansas, what you pay for water — and how you pay for it — can vary. See how Newton's residential water rates compare to similarly sized cities around the state.

Newton, pop. 19,230

Minimum bill: $13.75

The city of Newton charges a minimum of $13.75 for the first 200 cubic feet of water used. This translates to roughly 1,500 gallons of water. An additional $5.95 is charged per 100 cubic feet used over the minimum.

Garden City, pop. 26,880

Comparison bill: $9.99 (for 1,500 gallons)

Garden City charges a fee of $1.66 per 1,000 gallons (for the first 15,000 gallons), then an additional monthly minimum based on the size of the meter. The figure above is based on a meter size of 1 inch (base charge of $7.50).

Dodge City, pop. 27,921

Comparison bill: $11.02

Dodge City charges a $7.85 base fee, with a charge of $2.11 per thousand gallons.

Emporia, pop. 24,971

Comparison bill: $13.73

Like Garden City, Emporia charges a flat fee based on the size of the meter. The charge for a 1 inch meter is $9.39. The first 10,000 gallons a month are charged at a rate of $2.89 per 1,000 gallons.

Derby, pop. 22,279

Comparison bill: $14.16

Base rate for 2,000 gallons of water or less. The rate per 1,000 gallons used gradually increases based on the number of total gallons used.

Hays, pop. 20,717

Comparison bill: $25.94

The city of Hays charges a minimum fee based on the meter size. A 1 inch meter carries a minimum charge of $24.14. The first 100 cubic feet of water usage are included in the minimum, with an additional $1.80 charged per 100 cubic feet.