The Newton High School girls' tennis team placed fifth out of eight teams Tuesday at the Newton Invitational at the Phil Scott Tennis Courts at Newton High School and Marty Ward Tennis Courts at Bethel College.

Derby edged Arkansas City for the team title 48-46. Winfield and Andover tied for third at 44. Newton scored 29 points, followed by Wichita Trinity Academy at 26, Salina Central at 20 and Campus at 17.

In the doubles finals, Arkansas City's top team downed Derby's top team 8-3 in the finals. Newton's Hannah Carlgren and Serena Wong took third, dropping a tie-breaker in the semifinals. The team of Kate Joliff and Stephanie Brown took eighth at 1-3.

In the singles championship match, Dohee Lee of Andover defeated Amber Zimmerman of Wichita Trinity Academy 8-0. For Newton, Susannah Epp placed 13th at 2-2 and Erin Graber placed 15th at 1-3.

"Our strength is in the doubles," Newton coach Scott Sisson said. "A lot kids I had played this summer, they just need more experience. Three of our doubles players are seniors. I was very pleased with doubles today. Even though my no. 2 doubles team took eighth at 1-3, they looked really good today. Hannah and Serena played together for the first time in a year. They lost a match they could have won. In three or four weeks, they are going to be a team that a lot of teams won't want to play. Singles played well. The singles draw had seven state qualifiers and five state placers."

Newton competes at 9 a.m. Saturday at Salina Central.

Newton Invitational


Team scores — Derby 48, Arkansas City 46, Winfield 44, Andover 44, Newton 29, Wichita Trinity Academy 26, Salina Central 20, Campus 17.


First round — Hughes Der. def. Pennington WTA 8-0, Sankey SC def. Graber N 8-7 (7-2), Sarnacki Win. def. Epp N 8-0, Lee And. def. Boes C 8-0, Sherrow Der. def. Lopez SC 8-0, White And. def. McBride AC 8-3, Klaassen AC def. Davis C 8-0, Zimmerman WTA def. Mankoski Win. 8-7 (7-3).

Quarterfinals — Championship: Hughes Der. def. Sankey SC 8-1, Lee And. def. Sarnacki Win. 8-0, Sherrow Der. def. White And. 8-4, Zimmerman WTA def. Klaassen AC 8-5. Consolation: Pennington WTA def. Graber N 8-3, Boes C def. Epp N 8-3, McBride AC def. Lopez SC 8-0, Mankoski Win. def. Davis C 8-0.

Semifinals — Championship: Lee And. def. Hughes Der. 8-0, Zimmerman WTA def. Sherrow Der. 8-4. Fifth-place bracket: Sarnacki Win. def. Sankey AC 8-2, Klaassen AC def. White And. 8-2. Ninth-place bracket: Boes C def. Pennington WTA 8-2, Mankoski Win. def. McBride AC 8-6. 13th-place bracket: Epp N def. Graber N 8-2, Lopez SC def. Davis C 8-3.

Medal round — Championship: Lee And. def. Zimmerman WTA 8-0. Third place: Sherrow Der. def. Hughes Der. 8-5. Fifth place: Klaassen AC def. Sarnacki Win. 8-4. Seventh place: White And. def. Sankey AC 8-3. Ninth place: Mankoski Win. def. Boes C 8-4. 11th place: McBride AC def. Penniston WTA 8-1. 13th place: Epp N def. Lopez SC 8-5. 15th place: Graber N def. Davis C 8-2.


First round — Burr-Gonzales AC def. Brewer-Harpool WTA 8-0, Joliff-Brown N def. M.Carlgren-Heiger SC 8-3, Nihart-Graham Win. def. Zavala-Baylosis C 8-5, Benton-Cravens AC def. Smith-Watkins Der. 8-4, H.Carlgren-Wong N def. Holgerson-Norris SC 8-4, Groene-Lybarger Win. def. Hearne-Cusick And. 8-2, Maples-White And. def. Burke-Perez C 8-6, Richardson-Farris Der. def. Elliott-Hilton WTA 8-3.

Quarterfinals — Championship: Burr-Gonzales AC def. Joliff-Brown N 8-4, Nihart-Graham Win. def. Benton-Cravens AC 8-4, H.Carlgren-Wong N def. Groene-Lybarger Win. 8-6, Richardson-Farris Der. def. Maples-White And. 8-3. Consolation: M.Carlgren-Heiger SC def. Brewer-Harpool WTA 8-0, Smith-Watkins Der. def. Zavala-Baylosis C 8-7 (7-5), Hearne-Cusick And. def. Holgerson-Norris SC 8-2, Elliott-Hilton WTA def. Burke-Perez C 8-0.

Semifinals — Championship: Burr-Gonzales AC def. Nihart-Graham Win. 8-1, Richardson-Farris Der. def. H.Calrgren-Wong N 8-7 (7-3). Fifth-place bracket: Benton-Cravens AC def. Joliff-Brown N 8-3, Groene-Lybarger Win. def. Maples-White And. 8-4. Ninth-place bracket: M.Carlgren-Heiger SC def. Smith-Watkins Der. 8-2, Hearne-Cusick And. def. Elliott-Hilton WTA 8-6. 13th-place bracket: Zavala-Baylosis C def. Brewer-Harpool WTA 8-3, Burke-Perez C def. Holgerson-Norris SC 8-4.

Medal round — Championship: Burr-Gonzales AC def. Richardson-Farris Der. 8-3. Third place: H.Carlgren-Wong N def. Nihart-Graham Win. 8-5. Fifth place: Groene-Lybarger Win. def. Benton-Cravens AC 8-6. Seventh place: Maples-White And. def. Joliff-Brown N 8-7 (7-3. Ninth place: M.Carlgren-Heiger SC def. Hearne-Cusick Win. 8-6. 11th place: Smith-Watkins Der. def. Elliott-Hilton WTA 8-4. 13th place: Zavala-Baylosis C def. Burke-Perez C 8-2. 15th place: Holgerson-Norris SC def. Brewer-Harpool WTA 8-5.