HILLSBORO — The Hesston Swather girls' tennis team won the six-team Hillsboro Invitational Tuesday in Hillsboro.

Hesston downed Pratt 41-26. Haven was third at 24, followed by Hillsboro at 21, Wichita Collegiate at 20 and Nickerson at 18.

For Hesston at first singles, Olivia Brubacher finished 2-0 in pool play and fell to Allison Weber of Hillsboro in the finals 8-2.

At second singles, Arrianna Miller finished 2-0 in pool play and downed Victoria Smalling of Nickerson in the finals 8-6.

At first doubles, Jocelin Pusch and Kaitlin Schrock finished 1-1 in pool play and downed Allison Gray and Claire Heyen of Hillsboro 8-1 in the third-place match.

At second doubles, Tessa Isaac and Ashlynn Good finished 2-0 in pool play and topped Sabrina Nisly and Annika Miller of Haven 8-1 in the finals.

Hesston competes at 3 p.m. Thursday at the Maize Invitational.

Hillsboro Invitational


Team scores — Hesston 41, Pratt 26, Haven 24, Hillsboro 21, Wichita Collegiate 20, Nickerson 18.

First singles

Pool A — Allison Weber Hil. def. Makenzie Nisley Nic. 8-0, Nisley Nic. def. Jasmine Ray Hav. 8-0, Weber Hil. def. Ray Hav. 8-0.

Pool B — Olivia Brubacher Hes. def. Ellie Brehm Pr. 8-4, Greer Cody WC def. Brehmn Pr. 8-4, Brubacher Hes. def. Cody WC 8-2.

Medal round — First: Weber Hil. def. Brubacher Hes. 8-2. Third: Cody WC def. Nisley Nic. 8-2. Fifth: Brehm Pr. def. Ray Hav. 8-0.

Second singles

Pool A — Victoria Smalling Nic. def. Haley Nachtigal Hav. 8-1, Smalling Nic. def. Anna Glanzer Hil. 8-0, Nachtigal Hav. def. Glanzer Hil. 8-2.

Pool B — Arriana Miller Hes. def. Katherine Do WC 8-6, Miller Hes. def. Maddi Mayberry Pr. 8-6, Do WC def. Mayberry Pr. 8-3.

Medal round — First: Miller Hes. def. Smalling Nic. 8-6. Third: Do WC def. Nachtigal Hav. 8-0. Fifth: Mayberry Pr. def. Glanzer Hil. 8-0.

First doubles

Pool A — Allison Gray-Claire Heyen Hil. def. Hannah Latham-Jade Bornholdt Nic. 8-3, Sam Stallbaumer-Mary Wagler Hav. def. Gray-Heyen Hil. 8-1, Stallbaumer-Wagler Hav. def. Latham-Bornholdt Nic. 8-1.

Pool B — Jade Hoover-Lauren McClain Pr. def. Jocelun Pusch-Kaitlin Schrock Hes. 8-4, Pusch-Schrock Hes. def. Ellie Frank-Caroline Crosby WC 8-5, Hoover-McClain Pr. def. Frank-Crosby WC 8-2.

Medal round — First: Hoover-McClain Pr. def. Stallbaumer-Wagler Hav. 8-3. Third: Pusch-Schrock Hes. def. Gray-Heyen Hil. 8-1. Fifth: Frank-Crosby WC def. Latham-Bornholdt Nic. 8-1.

Second doubles

Pool A — Sabrina Nisly-Annika Miller Hav. def. Destiny Sharp-Hannah Funk Hil. 8-2, Nisly-Miller Hav. def. Hanhah Strickler-Alexandria Christian Nic. 8-1, Strickler-Christian Nic. def. Sharp-Funk Hil. 8-5.

Pool B — Allicia Hall-Elee Hampton Pr. def. Kamille Barragree-Caroline Engel WC 8-1, Tessa Isaac-Ashlynn Good Hes. def. Hall-Hampton Pr. 8-7 (7-5), Isaac-Good Hes. def. Barragree-Engel WC 8-2.

Medal round — First: Isaac-Good Hes. def. Nisly-Miller Hav. 8-1. Third: Hall-Hamton Pr. def. Strickler-Christian Nic. 8-0. Fifth: Barragree-Engel WC def. Sharp-Funk Hil. 8-2.