Recently, my family enjoyed a blessing that many of you have had – the blessing of a new baby. My grandson is very special to us and right now, seems to be the most important person in the world – he is the future. However, I also wonder what kind of world he will live in. When I was born, it was still legal to pray in school. When I was born, killing babies on the altar of convenience was an unheard of practice, to say nothing of illegal. Our nation had a balanced budget (it was the Eisenhower Administration) and our trade balance was still favorable. We Americans produced most of what we needed or wanted and American goods were in demand throughout the world. Fast forward to 2013. For Liam (ours or yours) the picture is very different. Prayer in school is no longer conducted and those who try to do it individually are often punished. Abortion (aka infanticide) last year cost 1.2 million Americans their lives as it has for several years. To date, since Roe vs. Wade, abortions have cost over 55 million Americans their lives. Our national budget is currently running a deficit around 1 Trillion dollars. For comparative value, it took our nation until Ronald Reagan’s administration to reach a total debt of 1 Trillion. The current “official” federal debt is rapidly approaching 17 Trillion. Keep in mind, this is only the official debt and does not include obligations such as retirement pensions of a huge workforce. There is no way to pay this off or even pay it down without inflating the money supply by printing more currency (which effectively takes money from all of us who hold dollars). Even doing this would be counter-productive since it would finish destruction of the worldwide economy. It would also be tantamount to stealing. Finally, our trade deficit was greater than 45 Billion last year. This also affects our economy since it is money that is flowing out of our economy and the imbalance will affect whether other countries will continue to take our money if it is not backed by either goods or a standard such as gold. Yes, there were also some bad things that existed when I was born including lack of civil rights. However, there is an old saying that you don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater.

— Dr. G.F. Welch, Leavenworth.