HOPE Home Repair is honored to be a recipient of a grant from Book ReViews, a used book store in Newton. Book ReViews accepts used books to resell them. They use their profits to provide grants to a number of local charities.

HOPE offers charity home repairs for low income elderly and low income handicapped home owners. The recent rains have been a blessing to our drought conditions but they have also caused distress to several home owners who have physical limitations that prevent them from doing home maintenance themselves.

HOPE is fortunate to have access to modest funding from the Federal Home Loan Bank, Topeka and the Community Block Development Grant fund from the city of Newton. HOPE has had several requests for repairs that will exceed both grants. We are in the process of raising the additional moneys to fully fund the repairs for these low income families. We do not want to do just a half a job for them.

HOPE accepts donations from caring individuals, area churches and businesses to cover the costs of the home repairs for qualifying families. The grant from Book ReViews is a generous boost for HOPE to continue serving these families who have asked for help with home repairs. Thank you for your faith in the work that HOPE Home Repair does.

— HOPE Home Repair Board of Directors