HALSTEAD — In a farewell to summer 2013, the Kansas Learning Center For Health concluded its fourth year of the “BIG Fit” youth program. More than 60 area students, aged kindergarten to fifth grade, participated in the healthy choices camps held in both Halstead and Hesston communities. Those attending enjoyed many engaging activities promoting healthy lifestyle choices.

“BIG Fit” focused on physical fitness and its long-lasting health benefits, as well as one’s emotional and social growth responsibilities. By encouraging children to find the fun in physical fitness and demonstrating simple, healthful lunches, the Kansas Learning Center For Health strives to support children in making proper choices with regards to food and exercise.

According to the American Heart Association, overweight children have a 70% to 80% chance of staying overweight their entire lives. Overweight and obesity can lead to the development of heart disease and diabetes as well as present obstacles to the healthy development of body image and self-confidence in children and adolescents.

Sponsorship for this summer's “BIG Fit” program was provided by Harvey County United Way, Halstead PEO Chapters, Hesston Wellness Center, Hesston Community Foundation, Schowalter Villa, Hesston Recreation Community Education, Hesston Women’s Civic Club, and a kind donation from Halstead Child Care Center. The Kansas Learning Center For Health looks forward to continuing its vital role in helping our Kansas children live healthier, happier lives.