WHAT IT IS: Recommended 2014 budget for the Harvey County Noxious Weed department. The budget is up from the 2013 budget estimate of $174,399 and the 2012 budget of $138,531.

WHAT IT DOES: The Harvey County Noxious Weed department controls and eradicates plants declared to be noxious weeds by state statutes. The department accomplishes this by spraying county-maintained right-of-ways and county-owned properties, and contracts to spray state and township right-of-ways. They also control the spread of musk thistle and Sericea Lespedeza on private properties in the county. During the winter, the department cuts trees and brush on county-owned bridges and roads.

BUDGET BREAKOUT: Some of the line items in the Harvey County Noxious Weed department's recommended 2014 budget include:

- Personnel services: $126,872 (This figure includes wages and benefits. The department has the equivalent of 2.25 full-time staff members, and positions include the noxious weed director and a maintenance worker.)

- Chemical supplies: $28,000

- Office supplies: $400

- Training: $350

- Equipment maintenance: $3,000

- Travel: $450

DID YOU KNOW? In 2012, the Harvey County Noxious Weed department sprayed the following acres for bindweed: townships — 1,584; county roads — 627; and state — 56.

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