Reader question: "Is it true the city of Newton is no longer going to fund the fireworks display on the Fourth of July? They made just over $22,000 and gave $7,000, giving them a profit of $15,000."

According to the city's Public Information Officer Erin McDaniel, it is true the City Commission decided not to fund the public fireworks display in 2014 as part of budget cuts.

In 2013, Newton had nine fireworks stands, which each paid $2,500 for a permit, for a total of $22,500.

The amount of money the city of Newton allocated to the Newton Lions Club for the 2013 public fireworks display was $7,000. This is the same amount the city was giving to the Chisholm Trail Festival for fireworks in past years. The Lions Club hosted the event, taking over the show last year when it was in jeopardy. The city funding covered the entire cost of the fireworks in 2013, but all other event costs were covered by the Lions Club and by private donations.

Technically, the city did not receive a "profit" on the fireworks stand permit fees. McDaniel said the fireworks stand permit money goes to the city's general fund and funds general city operations (street, police, fire/EMS, parks, administration, etc.). It’s treated like any other permit revenue the city receives.