Newton Kansan

A man threatening to shoot himself led to police closing two streets a block off of Main Street in downtown and a near standoff Tuesday afternoon.

A woman who was in the man's apartment called 911 shortly after 5 p.m. Tuesday, saying she was with someone who was waving around a gun and threatening to kill himself.

She remained on the line with dispatchers as they sent police to 114 N. Poplar.

"We received a call from a third party who was talking to the individual," said Eric Murphy, Deputy Chief of the Newton Police Department. "We were dispatched on a subject armed with firearms. We blocked off Poplar at First and Second Streets in case he started shooting."

The guns he owned turned out to be air guns.

Police officers were able to convince him to leave the apartment and leave the weapons inside.

"He indicated he was not suicidal and officers did not see indications that he was," Murphy said.

The man was arrested for disorderly conduct.