WHAT IT IS: Recommended 2014 budget for the Harvey County Appraiser's office. The budget is up from the 2013 budget estimate of $593,545 and the 2012 budget of $534,244.

WHAT IT DOES: The Harvey County Appraiser's office places values on real property and personal property in Harvey County, in accordance to Kansas statutes and directives from the Property Valuation Division of the Department of Revenue of Kansas. The Property Valuation Division places values on railroad and utility properties. The Appraiser's office also processes appeals of property values by taxpayers.

BUDGET BREAKOUT: Some of the line items in the Harvey County Appraiser's recommended 2014 budget include: - Personnel services: $499,891 (This figure includes wages and benefits. The department has the equivalent of 10 full-time staff members, and positions include the county appraiser, three field appraisers and two customer service representatives.) - Office supplies: $9,580 - Training: $7,500 - Data processing equipment: $4,800 - Travel: $850

DID YOU KNOW? The department offers the use of a GIS (Geographic Information System) to the public. Using GIS, people can access an interactive web mapping site, where they can view and print maps. Find GIS at www.harveycounty.com/geographic-information-system-gis.html.

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