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by Garon Cockrell
Bob Saget: “That’s What I’m Talkin’ About” (2013) CD Review
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June 28, 2013 5:15 p.m.

I never saw Full

, and could only occasionally stand to watch Americas Funniest Home Videos. But Ive always heard that Bob

Saget is actually a wonderfully filthy comedian. Yet for one reason or another

I never got to hear his routine, though of course I was curious. With the

release of his new comedy album, Thats

What Im Talkin About
, I finally got my chance to enjoy his standup


He begins by saying, I

dont want to offend anybody; I want to offend everybody
. And he just rips

into it, which I appreciate. Looking at

your happy faces makes me just want to put my hand up your butt and work you

like a Jeff Dunham puppet

He works quickly too, going right from one thought

rapidly to the next. His approach, or delivery, is kind of rambling, but like

express rambling. You know? He also directly addresses members of the audience,

asking a guy how drunk he is, then talking about the hole at the end of his

penis, thinking its a frown. It is to a couple of audience members (including

someone called J-Bone) that he constantly returns throughout the performance.

Early on he issues a warning: There are people out there that are screwed up, and I know that because

Im going to be outside later
. Then: I

actually had a tattoo of a condom put on my penis because I dont want to use

protection anymore
. Its interesting that he does apologize on occasion

Im sorry, thats too far. Of

course, hes not really sorry, and its never too far. He says, Im sacrilegious I worship my sac.


A few thoughts:

About his mom, who is eighty-seven and still drives: I got her a prescription windshield.

About doing a show in the Ukraine: The legal age of consent in the Ukraine is Yes.

About working on snuff films: Snuff is good. Its one take and youre out of there.

Interestingly, he mentions that old joke, if a guy were

able to go down on himself hed never leave the house. Brian Posehn also did a

riff on that joke on his new comedy CD, The Fartist. Both say they would leave the house. But while

Brian says it would be to get therapy, Bob Saget says, I would leave the house, because I want people to see that shit.

At the end of the show, he does several songs,

introducing each of them as being in poor taste. He jokes about the first song:

Its about Lucas penis. Its a very

short song
. The song When I Think Of You is his version of Lola.

Probably my favorite is the one about dating a girl in the nursing home.

Thats What Im

Talkin About
was recorded in Seattle, and is scheduled to be released on July 16, 2013 through

New Wave Dynamics. 

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