The Emergency Medical Services Education program at Hutchinson Community College will be conducting their eighth annual two-day Paramedic Field Operations exercise on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week.

The Newton Fire Department will be taking a roll in the training on several levels. The fire department will have a crew there working as mentors, and four members of the department who are in the paramedic program. Fire Chief Mark Willis will be an evaluator on Wednesday.

"It is a chance for students to get some real life call experience," Willis said. They get the experience without the pressure that comes in real life and death situations firemen and paramedics have on actual calls.

Willis said the two-day training is also a time for him to recruit people for the department. He can get a good idea of what people are like, and to get ideas of people he would like to talk to if the department has some vacancies.

"You can learn a lot about individuals when watching them in these situations," Willis said.

There will be several stations set up for mock calls. There will be mock car accidents, fires and many other types of emergencies. Students will go from one to another to get experience answering calls. There will also be a mock hospital where patients will be taken.

The exercises will be centered around the EMS facilities located on the South Campus of Hutchinson Community College near and in Yoder. HCC Field Operations is designed as an opportunity for paramedic students across Kansas to come together with local and out-of-state agencies to do scenario-based training and networking. 

 The HCC equipment, facilities, staff and students provide the opportunity for paramedic students to come train in a scenario-based environment that prepares them for field internship and their life as a paramedic. “All of this enhances the educational effectiveness of our students, gives an avenue to EMS agencies and professional organizations who wish to recruit Kansas paramedics, and fulfills, in part, our mission to successfully serve communities of interest,” said Bill Auchterlonie, EMS instructor. Students will be required to evaluate and address a multitude of complaints, injuries and illnesses while also functioning as a cooperative EMS team member. The students’ experience begins with the Hutchinson Community College Emergency Dispatch Center requesting one of the 25 responding crews (ambulance with 2-3 students & a mentor).

The crew will arrive at one of the 14 simulated scenario scenes. 

Example scenarios include a car accident, chemical spill, heart attack, domestic disturbance, diabetes, child birth and other types of situations.  The crews will provide patient care, transport patients to one of two Emergency Departments or hand off the patient to real-life flight medical crews.  The call is completed by restocking the ambulance with supplies needed for the next call.

Volunteers are needed to help with the event, and to be patients for the scenarios. To volunteer call (620) 728-4422, or visit their website at