WHAT IT IS: Proposed 2014 budget for the Harvey County Clerk department. The budget is up from the 2013 budget of $242,798 and the 2012 budget of $220,653.

WHAT IT DOES: The Harvey County Clerk's department serves a variety of functions, including recording and maintaining the proceedings of the Board of County Commissioners; recording receipts and expenditures for the county; preparing tax rolls for taxes levied and assessed by the state, county, municipalities, townships and school districts; and issuing licenses for cereal malt beverages, fishing, hunting and vehicle permits for state parks. The department also is responsible for conducting all elections, including national, state and local. The department maintains voter registration records and provides poll sites.

BUDGET BREAKOUT: Some of the line items in the Harvey County Clerk department's proposed 2014 budget include:?- Personnel services: $233,325 (this figure includes wages and benefits; the department has the equivalent of five full-time staff)?- Travel: $650?- Equipment maintenance: $500?- Office supplies: $2,000?- Elections: $82,700 (includes part-time wages, travel, and equipment maintenance)

CAPITAL IMPROVEMENT: The department has requested funding for several capital improvement projects. They would like to construct a permanent wall between the clerk's office and treasurer's office to help with noise levels and to give departments more privacy. Another proposed project is additional voting machines to cut down on waiting times for voters.

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