A court motion filed by Gregory Moore, convicted of killing a sheriff’s deputy in Newton, does not sit well with the Harvey County Commission.

?Monday the commission asked David Yoder if it was possible to place a lien on money Moore has filed a motion to recover.

?“We can get all kinds of orders for reimbursements, but we can’t garnish or get seizures,” Yoder said to the commission. “Only a collection agency can do that.”?Moore filed a motion in Sedgwick County District Court to recover more than $4,000 seized from his home the day of an April 2005 shooting.

?The money in question — $4,360 in cash found in a plastic baggie and another $200 in cash in an envelope — was not used as evidence in the case and to date has not been attached to the crime.

?“We have to attach the cash as the product of a crime,” Yoder said Tuesday. “In this case we really can’t do that.”

?Yoder estimated prosecution of the case cost the county about $30,000.

?Moore was convicted by a jury for shooting and killing Kurt Ford, wounding officer Chris Eilert and shooting at three other officers and kidnapping. He was sentenced to life in prison without parole for shooting and killing Ford. For wounding officer Eilert he was sentenced to more than 51 1/2 years. He was also given nearly 13 years for shooting at officers B.J.. Tyner, T. Walton and Steve Bayless. For kidnapping Alveda Sparks he was sentenced to nearly 13 years. The seventh and final charge, illegal possession of a firearm, led to nine months.

?His conviction and sentences were upheld in a 2008 appeal hearing.