Former Sedgwick Mayor Keith DeHaven was well known for his public involvement. People who did the business of government with him appreciated his desire to be a public servant. DeHaven was mayor of Sedgwick for many years, and involved with the city for even more years. He passed away last week at age 81. "He was involved in a lot of things in Sedgwick for a half of a century, but he was also a real gentleman," Harvey County administrator John Waltner said. Waltner said he was on a lot of committees and boards with DeHaven over the years, and admired his dedication. "He was very committed to his community. He was also concerned about the county and the region as a whole," Waltner said. Hesston City Administrator John Carder said he appreciated that DeHaven was a real optimist and that he worked hard for his community. "He was an outstanding individual and public servant. He was a fixture. It seemed like every meeting I went to Keith was there and with a smile," Carder said. Carder has been administrator at Hesston for 15 years, and said it is "extremely rare" for anyone to stay with public service as long as DeHaven did. "His interest didn't flag. He had a real sense of involvement and it was very satisfying to him," Carder said. State Sen. Carolyn McGinn, who lives in Sedgwick, said DeHaven was "a model of a public servant." She said even when he was sick, she would see him at meetings observing, staying in touch. State Rep. Don Schroeder, R-Hesston, said DeHaven was "a terrific person and good friend, and certainly had the best interests of his community at heart. Without a doubt, he will be missed by many."