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  • Newton state track qualifiers

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  • Lauren Anderson

    Senior?Second-year qualifier?Medals won 1st 4x100-m. relay (2012).?Events 100-m. dash (best time 12.7), 200-m. dash (27.06), 4x100-m. relay (50.7).

    Andrea Baron

    Senior?Fourth-year qualifier?Medals won 8th 300-m. LH (2010), 6th 300-m. LH (2011), 5th 100-m. HH (2012).?Events 100-m. HH (15.8).

    Lauren Duerksen

    Senior?First-year qualifier?Events Javelin (118-0).

    David Jantz

    Senior?First-year qualifier?Events 4x800-m. relay (8:32, alternate).

    Mark Kreider

    Senior?Third-year qualifier?Medals won 3rd 4x800-m. relay (2012).?Events 4x800-m. relay (8:34).

    Dylan Moore

    Senior?First-year qualifier?Events 4x800-m. relay (8:34).

    Peter Nelson

    Senior?Third-year qualifier?Medals won 1st 4x100-m. relay (2011), 4x400-m. relay (2011).?Events Long jump (21-6 1/2), 4x100-m. relay.

    Brooke Regier

    Senior?Fourth-year qualifier?Medals won 6th discus (2010), 2nd discus (2011), 4th shot put (2012), 2nd discus (2012).?Events Shot put (39-9), discus (133-10).

    Ryan Stuchlik

    Senior?Second-year qualifier?Medals won 3rd 4x800-m. run (2012).?Events 4x800-m. relay (8:32, 2:02 split).

    Zackary Alexander

    Junior?First-year qualifier?Events Pole vault (12-6).

    Casey Baldwin

    Junior?First-year qualifier?Events 4x100-m. relay (alternate).

    Larissa Espinoza

    Junior?Third-year qualifier?Events 4x100-m. relay (50.69), long jump (16-9), triple jump (33-7 1/2).

    Ashlyn Glann

    Junior?Third-year qualifier?Events 4x800-m. relay (10:14.51, 2:29 split).

    Seth Hill

    Junior?Third-year qualifier?Medals won 1st 4x100-m. relay (2011), 6th long jump (2012).?Events 4x100-m. relay (43.70).

    Cory Martens

    Junior?Third-year qualifier?Medals won 7th shot put (2012), 5th discus (2012).?Events Shot put (55-4), discus (165-9).

    Matt Willis

    Junior?Second-year qualifier?Medals won 4th 300-m. IH (2012), 7th 110-m. HH (2012).?Events 110-m. HH (15.00), 4x100-m. relay (43.78), 300-m. IH (40.33).

    Sarah Bartel

    Sophomore?Second-year qualifier?Events 300-m. LH (48.22), 4x100-m. relay (50.69).

    Elyse Bergquist

    Sophomore?Second-year qualifier?Events 4x800-m. relay (10:14.51).

    Zach Gaede

    Sophomore?Second-year qualifier?Events 4x100-m. relay (alternate).

    Olivia Hinz

    Sophomore?First-year qualifier?Events 4x100-m. relay (50.69).

    Bradley Million

    Sophomore?First-year qualifier?Events 4x100-m. relay (43.78, alternate).

    Josh Robinson

    Sophomore?First-year qualifier?Events 4x800-m. relay (8:35).

    Kasey Stucky

    Sophomore?Second-year qualifier?Events 4x800-m. relay (10:14.51), 3,200-m. run (12:09).

    Alex Tuszynski

    Sophomore?First-year qualifier?Events 4x100-m. relay (43.78).

    Robert Loeffler

    Freshman?First-year qualifier?Events 4x800-m. relay (8:32).

    Jaiden Ochoa

    Freshman?First-year qualifier?Events 4x800-m. relay (10:14.51).

    Payton Roberts

    Freshman?First-year qualifier?Events Shot put (41-5), discus (133-3).

    Hailey Valdez

    Freshman?First-year qualifier?Events 4x100-m. relay (50.69), 400-m. dash (1:03.13).

    Sadie Winter

    Freshman?First-year qualifier?Events 4x800-m. relay (10:14.51).

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