Register your cell phone to receive emergency alerts from Reverse 911 in Butler County.

Did you get an alert on your phone this afternoon about the tornado warning in Butler County? If you didn’t, then please read on.

We usually think of 911 as a way to call out when we are having an emergency and help help. But “Reverse 911” is an Emergency Notification System that calls us -- to let us know of emergencies that might affect us.

Reverse 911 uses a database that is loaded with the landline phone numbers of Butler County residents -- also known as “home” phone numbers, for the phone that plug into the wall and use telephone lines for transmissions.

This database includes listed as well as unlisted home phone numbers. Don’t fret -- this system doesn’t sell or share your phone number. It is only used to provide you with official messages about emergencies in your community.

NOTE: Reverse 911 doesn’t automatically have your cell phone or VoIP number.You have to register them.

We haven’t needed a landline for many years. Our cell phones are the only phones we use. The reason we received the tornado warning alerts today is because we have registered our cell phone numbers with the Butler County Reverse 911 system.

Reverse 911 sends out only incident-specific information to persons living in affected areas. Examples of alerts include:

•  Weather emergencies, including flood evacuations and wild fire evaluations

• Neighborhood alerts about escaped prisoners and police manhunts (so people know to stay indoors)

•  Alerts about missing toddlers and missing Alzheimer’s Patients.

•  Hazardous material spills or when tap water is unsafe to drink without boiling it.

To register your cell phone or VOIP phone number, go online to and fill in the information requested which includes cell phone numbers. The system will send you an email to verify that you registered online.

To complete the registration process, reply to that email right away.

Any questions? Visit for more information, or email

REMINDER: These emergency notifications should NOT be your only source of emergency information. You also need to pay attention and monitor other sources of information -- such as radio, television, official social media sources, or an All-Hazards NOAA Weather Radio.

A system to help us stay safe from harm -- that’s Community Grace!