WHAT IT IS: The city of Newton's 2013 budget for the law department. The budget is up from the 2012 adopted budget of $517,839 and the 2011 budget of $476,730.

DEPARTMENT STATS: The city attorney is the chief legal representative of the city and provides legal advice and assistance to the City Commission and the city manager. Issues addressed include: federal and state laws and agencies that regulate or impact local government; drafting ordinances and resolutions; and ethics. The city attorney also serves as the director of the city's law department, which includes the Office of the City Attorney and Newton Municipal Court.

Newton Municipal Court enforces violations of city code and reports convictions to the state as required. There will be an estimated 1,833 cases filed in Municipal Court in 2013 (excluding parking and seat-belt). That number includes an estimated 101 driving under the influence cases and 180 domestic violence cases.

BUDGET BREAKOUT: Some of the line items in the department's 2013 budget are: - Personnel services: $467,972 (The department has the equivalent of nine full-time staff members and two part-time staff members; positions include city attorney, assistant city attorney/city prosecutor, municipal court administrator-court clerk, probation/diversion officer, judge and victim/witness coordinator.) - Contractual services: $44,150 - Commodities and supplies: $3,800 - Vehicle operating: None - Capital outlay: None - Transfers: $18,375

2013 OBJECTIVES: The City Attorney's Office will continue working on the planning and development of the Kansas Logistics Park, and plans to update and reorganize all local business regulations. Newton Municipal Court would like to move to a paperless court system in the future, including the use of e-Tickets.

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