HESSTON Newton High School senior Lane Pauls claimed his first individual title of the season, winning the top medalist honors of the Swather Special Thursday at the Hesston Golf Course. Pauls shot a four-over par 75, topping Jordan Anderson of Andale by a stroke. Daniel Carney of Andale was three strokes back at 78 for third. "This is my home course and I play it a lot," Lane Pauls said. "I started out on 11 and I putted really, really bad. I had 20 putts. I was striking the ball well. I came back one over one over on the back to finish off pretty good." Lane Pauls took second at the same tournament last year with a 77. "I've been around 76, so I've been playing well," he said. "Our team hasn't won any tournaments yet, but we've had some runners-up and thirds." The Railers took second to Andale in the three-man competition by four strokes, 238-242. Buhler's Maroon team was third at 250, followed by Wichita Independent in fourth at 257 and Hesston Black at 261. "Tomorrow, we have our biggest tournament at Hutch, so that will be a long day," Lane Pauls said. "Then we come back to Sand Creek for league. That should be an advantage for us. We haven't had a league title since like 1980. We haven't had a tournament where everyone has played well. We just need all our players to step up." "Dalton (Ayers) played well for most of his holes," Newton coach Joanie Pauls said. "He had three bad holes, or he would have scored much better than 82. He just kind of lost it on a few holes. Omar (Ramos-Thaw) struggled with his short game today. The short game, unfortunately, is what suffers when you're not out there. We haven't been out a lot because of the weather. It hurts you. He birdied two of his three last holes. So he turned it around, but ran out of holes. They all played better on their second nine." Newton plays today at the Hutchinson Invitational at Carey Park, the largest tournament of the season in terms of the number of teams. "There, you just have to stay patient," Joanie Pauls said. "It's a flat course. The greens are elevated. The pace of play is slow. I think they play six-somes. There are about 40 teams there. It's a marathon round." Wichita Collegiate won the five-man competition at 412, followed by Sterling at 421, Andale at 422, Buhler Maroon at 464 and Eureka at 469. Newton was sixth at 491, Hesston Black was seventh at 501 and Hesston Red was ninth at 613. Andale won the eight-man title at 660, followed by Collegiate at 698 and Buhler at 714. Newton was forth at 733, followed by Hesston Black at 762. "I had four guys off varsity who didn't play today," Hesston coach Grady Pauls said. "I'm going to play them Tuesday at our varsity tournament. We had a few people play well. We're still in the search for our sixth scorer on varsity. We're using this tournament as a qualifyer." Hesston still has three tournaments before league, starting with the Hesston Invitational on Tuesday. "Next week is a big week for varsity," Grady Pauls said. "We have to get ready for post-season."

Swather Special Thursday Hesston Golf Course Par 71 Three-man competition Andale 238 (Jordan Anderson 76, Daniel Carney 78, Adam Shackelford 84). Newton 242 (Lane Pauls 75, Dalton Ayers 82, Omar Ramos-Thaw 85). Buhler Maroon 250 (Ryan Anderson 80, Mac McNish 81, Colton McCeig 89). Wichita Independent 257 (Zach Tuttle 80, Will Gunderson 88, Wyatt Goodin 89). Hesston Black 261 (Titus Ewert 85, Brock Martin 88, Nick Eckoff 88). St. John-Hudson 269 (Spencer Nusser 85, Kade McKinnamon 87, Trey Nelson 97). Herington 278 (Nick Barnes 85, Trent Grazow 96, Nick Connors 97). Wichita Collegiate 286 (Evan Hasley 83, Conner Robertson 89, Jack Fanning 114). Southeast of Saline 288 (Lance Maine 91, Sam Frost 94, Daniel Frost 103). Buhler Gold 302 (Davis Givens 99, Ethan Rose 99, Mason Voth 104). Hutchinson Central Christian 318 (Blade Canter 96. Matt Jackson 106, Josh Rhulman 116). Sterling no team score (Tanner Stallings 110). Hesston Red no team score (Guy Wright 135, Carson Burkholder 141). Five-man competition Wichita Collegiate 412 (Matt Sorlie 79, Kendall Reed 80, Jack Larsen 84, Sam Hatchett 84, Patrick Maloney 85). Sterling 421 (Michael Hendricks 79, Brogan Jones 80, Nick Schisslet 83, Kash Farney 89, Layne Tommer 90). Andale 422 (Payton Herbst 80, Joseph Neville 80, Irwin Schueller 86, Jaron Peltzer 87, Troy Puetz 89). Buhler Maroon 464 (J.C. Petitjean 85, Jacob Carroll 86, Logan Hendricks 94, Logan Lawson 99, Travis Hofmeier 99). Eureka 469 (Braden Larcom 80, Tanner Whitaker 88, Chuck Schmidt 97, Dalton Lyon 100, Skyler Brown 104). Newton 491 (Avery Anderson 95, Cory Lunow 96, Jordyn Stephenson 99, Conner Mitchell 100, D.J. Anderson 101). Hesston Black 501 (Shawn Davis 94, Taylor Ince 98, Cole Seitzer 98, Trey Denno 99, Andrew Frazier 112). Southeast of Saline 549 (Jacob Ostmeyer 91, Blake Johnson 96, Justin Gagna 111, Keylee Kohlmeier 125, Kelsey Kohlmeier 126). Hesston Red 613 (Jordan Suhler 104, Andrew Abbott 121, Ashlynn Good 124, Anna Grimsley 124, Tate Penner 140). Hutchinson Central Christian no team score (Chase Hageman 140, Eric Embers 145, Ben Wingert 148, Noah Starky 154). Buhler Gold no team score (Trevor Herman 104). Wichita Independent no team score (Casey Kolbeck 87, Lueke Anderson 102, Casey Shaw 144). Eight-man score Andale 660, Wichita Collegiate 698, Buhler 714, Newton 733, Hesston Black 762, Southeast of Saline 837. Medalists 1. Lane Pauls, 75 (Newton), 2. Jordan Anderson, 76 (Andale), 3. Daniel Carney, 78 (Andale) , 4. Matt Sorlie, 79 (WCS),5. Micheal Hendricks, 79 (Sterling), 6. Brogan Jones, 80 (Sterling), 7. Braden Larcom, 80 (Eureka), 8. Joseph Neville, 80 (Andale), 9. Zach Tuttle, 80 (Wichita Independent), 10. Peyton Herbst, 80 (Andale). Class winners Girls: Anna Grimsley, Hesston Red 124; Freshmen: Kendall Reed, Wichita Collegiate 80; Sophomores: Jordan Anderson, Andale 76; Juniors: Matt Sorlie, Wichita Collegiate 79; Seniors: Lane Pauls, Newton 75. Hole winners Closest to pin 13: Irvin Schueller, Andale; Longest drive on 15: Tanner Stallings, Sterling; Longest putt on 9: Joseph Nevill, Andale.