HESSTON The Hesston High School boys' tennis team split its squad Wednesday for the second Hesston Invitational of the season, with the Swathers taking second and eighth out of 10 teams. McPherson won the tournament with 120 points, followed by Hesston Red at 108 and Central Plains in third at 84. The Hesston Black team scored 36 points. In the singles finals, Layne Bieberle of Central Plains downed Hesston Red's Collin Martin 8-3. Hesston Red's Dean Dahlsten finished seventh. For Hesston Black in singles play, David Kitzinger placed placed 18th and David Geidel placed 19th. In the doubles finals, Max Pyle and Ben Davidson of McPherson downed teammates Connor Schafer and Ryan Horton 8-1. For the Hesston Red team, Peter Jensen and Keegan LeFevre finished fourth. Jacob Penner and Isaac Penner finished fifth. For the Hesston Black team, Grant Dahlsten and Garrett Roth finished sixth. Nolan Casimir and Zachary Baldauf finished finished 17th. The Swathers compete at the Central Kansas League championships at 9 a.m. Monday at Pratt. Class 4A regionals are May 2 and 3 at Smoky Valley.

Hesston Invitational II Wednesday Team scores McPherson 120, Hesston Red 108, Central Plains 84, Buhler 71, Conway Springs 65, Hutchinson Trinity 60, Hillsboro 39, Hesston Black 36, Wichita Trinity Academy 32, Smoky Valley 25. x-extra entry not scoring in the team totals. SINGLES First round Layne Bieberle bye, David Dieckhoff WTA def. David Kitzinger HB 8-3, Evan Bentley HT bye, Dylan Stos McP. bye, Ross Rasmussen CS bye, Tyler Wright Buh. def. Ty Carey Hil.-x 8-0, Daniel Gray Hil. def. Ethan Crowther SV 8-1, Dean Dahlsten HR bye, Harry Faber Hil. bye, Austin Brown WTA def. David Geidel HB 8-6, Grant Bellar CS bye, Peter Horton McP. bye, Will Bochte SV bye, Michael Ryan CP bye, Jacob Simon HT def. Kyle Doerksen Buh. 8-5, Collin Martin HR. Second round Bieberle CP def. Diekhoff WTA 8-0, Stos McP. def. Bentley HT 8-4, Rasmussen CS def. Wright Buh. 8-3, D.Dahlsten HR def. Grey Hil. 8-3, Faber Hil. def. Brown WTA inj.def., P.Horton McP. def. Bellar CS 8-4, Ryan CP def. Bochte SV 8-4, Martin HR def. Simon HT 8-0. Quarterfinals Championship: Bieberle CP def. Stos McP. 8-3, Rasmussen CS def. D.Dahlsten HR 8-2, P.Horton McP. def. Faber Hil. 8-2, Martin HR def. Ryan CP 8-6. Ninth-place bracket: Bentley HT def. Diekhoff WTA 9-1, Wright Buh. def. Grey Hil. 8-3, Bellar CS def. Brown WTA inj.def., Bochte SV def. Simon HT 8-4. 17th-place bracket: Kitzinger HB def. Carey Hil.-x 8-1. Semifinals Championship: Bieberle CP def. Rasmussen CS 8-0, Martin HR def. P.Horton McP. 8-1. Fifth-place bracket: Stos McP. def. D.Dahlsten HR 8-7 (7-3), Faber Hil. def. Ryan CP 8-6. Ninth-place bracket: Wright Buh. def. Bentley HT 8-6, Bellar CS def. Bochte SV 8-6. 13th-place bracket: Diekhoff WTA def. Grey Hil. n/a, Simon HT def. Brown WTA inj.def. 17th-place bracket: Kitzinger HB def. Crowther SV 8-1, Duerksen Buh. def. Geidel HB 8-4. 19th-place braket: Geidel HB def. Carey Hil,-x 8-3. Medal round Championship: Bieberle CP def. Martin HR 8-1. Third place: P.Horton McP. def. Rasmussen CS 8-3. Fifth place: Faber Hil. def. Stos McP. 8-7 (8-6). Seventh place: D.Dahlsten HR def. Ryan CP 8-4. Ninth place: Wright Buh. def. Bellar CS 8-5. 11th place: Bentley HT def. Bochte SV 8-7 (7-5). 13th place: Diekhoff WTA def. Simon HT 8-3. 15th place: Grey Hil. def. Brown WTA inj.def. 17th place: Doerksen Buh. def. Kitzinger HB 8-3. 19th place: Geidel HB def. Crowther SV 8-2. DOUBLES First round Pyle-Davidson McP. bye, Hughes-Glassman HT def. Baldauf-Casimir HB 8-5, Bellah-T.Schneider SV bye, Hammeke-Kirmer CP bye. Schmidt-Thayer Buh. bye, Kriweil-Zimmerman WTA bye, Koch-Davis CS bye, J.Penner-I.Penner HR bye, Schafer-R.Horton McP. bye, Demel-Lamatsch CP def. Brunsen-Schmidt WTA 8-3, G.Dahlsten-Roth HB bye, S.Rasmussen-VanCurren CS bye, Jensen-LeFevere HR bye, Byers-Caywood Buh. bye, Funk-Pritchard Hil. def. T.Schneider-Meier SV 8-3, Banning-DeLuca HT bye. Second round Pyle-Davidson McP. def. Hughes-Glassman HT 8-0, Hammeke-Kirmer CP def. Bellah-A.Schneider SV 8-5, Schmidt-Thayer Buh. def. Kriwiel-Zimmerman WTA 8-6, J.Penner-I.Penner HR def. Koch-Davis CS 8-1, Schafer-R.Horton McP. def. Demel-Lamatsch CP 8-0, G.Dahlsten-Roth HB def. S.Rasmussen-VanCurren CS 8-5, Jensen-LeFevre HR def. Byers-Caywood Buh. 8-1, Banning-DeLuca HT def. Funk-Pritchard Hil. 8-0. Quarterfinals Championship: Pyle-Davidson McP. def. Hammeke-Kirmer CP 8-0, Schmidt-Thayer Buh. def. J.Penner-I.Penner HR 8-6, Schafer-R.Horton McP. def. G.Dahlsten-Roth HB 8-1, Jensen-LeFevre HR def. Banning-DeLuca HT 8-5. Ninth-place bracket: Hughes-Glassman HT def. Bellah-A.Schneider SV 8-2, Kriwiel-Zimmerman WTA def. Koch-Davis CS 8-6, S.Rasmussen-VanCurren CS def. Demel-Lamatsch CP 8-3, Byers-Caywood Buh. def. Funk-Pritchard Hil. 8-2. Semifinals Championship: Pyle-Davidson McP. def. Schmidt-Thayer Buh. 8-1, Schafer-R.Horton McP. def. Jensen-LeFevre HR 8-7 (7-4). Fifth-place bracket: J.Penner-I.Penner HR def. Hammeke-Kirmer CP 8-4, G.Dahlsten-Roth HB 8-4. Ninth-place bracket: Hughes-Glassman HT def. Kriwiel-Zimmerman WTA 8-4, Byers-Caywood Buh. def. S.Rasmussen-VanCurren CS 8-2. 13th-place bracket: Bellah-Schmidt SV def. Koch-Davis CS 8-1, Demel-Lamatsch CP def. Funk-Pritchard Hil. 8-6. 17th-place bracket round robin Baldauf-Casimir HB def. Brunsen-Schmidt WTA 8-5, Baldauf-Casimir HB def. T.Schneider-Meier SV 8-4, Brunsen-Schmidt WTA def. T.Schneider-Meier SV 8-4. Medal round Championship: Pyle-Davidson McP. def. Schafer-R.Horton McP. 8-1. Third place: Schmidt-Thayer Buh. def. Jensen-LeFevre HR 8-6. Fifth place: J.Penner-I.Penner HR def. G.Dahlsten-Roth HB 8-6. Seventh place: Banning-DeLuca HT def. Hammeke-Kirmer CP 8-4. Ninth place: Byers-Caywood Buh. def. Hughes-Glassman HT 8-2. 11th place: S.Rasmussen-VanCurren CS def. Kriweil-Zimmerman WTA 8-1. 13th-place: Demel-Lamatsch CP def. Bellah-Schneider SV 8-6. 15th-place: Koch-Davis CS def. Funk-Pritchard Hil. 8-7 (7-3). 17th place: Baldauf-Casimir HB. 18th place: Brunsen-Schmidt WTA. 19th place: T.Schneider-Meier SV.