WICHITA -- The Hesston High School boys' tennis team claimed a win and two second-place finishes in a pair of tournaments.

Friday, Hesston split its squad for the Hillsboro Invitational, claiming a 1-2 finish.

The Hesston Red team won with 64 points, followed by the Hesston Black team at 53 and Sterling at 51. There were seven teams competing.

"I am obviously pleased to take two teams and finish first and second," Hesston coach Mark Dahlsten said. "I continue to be amazed that we compete as well as we do given the limited practice we have gotten due to the weather. Our kids just play and do such a nice job."

For the red squad, Collin Martin finished second at first singles. Garrett Roth won second singles. Dean Dahlsten and Grant Dahlsten finished second at first doubles. Keegan LeFevre and Peter Jensen won second doubles.

For the black squad, David Kitzinger finished fourth at first singles. Isaac Anaya finished second at second singles. Jacob Penner and Isaac Penner won first doubles. Nolan Casimir and Zach Baldauf finished fourth at second doubles.

Saturday, Hesston finished second at the 14-team Wichita Collegiate Tournament of Champions. Wichita Collegiate Blue downed Hesston 130-125. McPherson was third at 105.

"We had a great day today," Mark Dahlsten said. "We have never had all four entries in the top eight at this tournament. We needed to play this type of tournament to see how good we are. We found out that we are pretty good, but still have room to improve. The top five teams in 4A were at this tourney, and for us to finish second is great. I am proud of the kids."

In singles play, LeFevre finished fifth and Martin finished seventh. In doubles play, Dean Dahsten and Jensen finished fourth. Jacob Penner and Isaac Penner finished eighth.

Hesston hosts its second invitational of the season at 10 a.m. today.

Hillsboro Inv.


Team scores -- Hesston Red 64, Hesston Black 53, Sterling 51, Hillsboro 39, Wichita Independent 31, Neodesha 30, Wichita Collegiate 15.

Hesston Red

First singles -- 2. Collin Martin (1-1): QF. bye, SF. W Zach Brashear St. 8-2, F. L Harry Faber Hil. 8-4.

Second singles -- 1. Garrett Roth (2-0): QF. bye, SF. W Caleb Hendricks St. 8-6, F. W Isaac Anaya HB 8-1.

First doubles -- 2. Dean Dahlsten-Grant Dahlsten (2-1): QF. W O'Neal-Carlsen WC 8-2, SF. W Railsback-Fyfe Neo. 8-6, F. W Weiner-Comley St. 8-0.

Hesston Black

First singles -- 4. David Kitzinger (1-2): QF. W Brandon Lloyd WI 8-3, SF. L Harty Faber Hil. 8-2, 3rd. L Zach Brashear St. 8-2.

Second singles -- 2. Isaac Anaya (2-1): QF. W Travis Biehler WI 8-5, SF. W Daniel Gray Hil. 8-7 (7-5), F. L Garrett Roth HB 8-1.

First doubles -- 1. Jacob Penner-Isaac Penner (3-0): QF. W Wheeler-Fair St. 8-2, SF. W King-Nueller WI 8-6, F. W D.Dahlsten-G.Dahlsten HR 8-6.

Second doubles -- 4. Nolan Casimir-Zachary Baldauf (1-2): QF. W Link-Bolin WI 8-0, SF. L Weiner-Comley St. 8-7 (9-7), 3rd. L Farmer-Dibitello Neo. 8-5.

Wichita Collegiate TOC


Team scores -- Wichita Collegiate Blue 130, Hesston 125, McPherson 105, Topeka Hayden 101, Independence 86, Bishop Carroll 84, Derby 72, Conway Springs 69, Wichita Collegiate Gold 60, Parsons 57, Hutchinson Trinity 56, Maize 54, Kapaun-Mt. Carmel 44, Wichita West 43.


5. Keegan LeFevre (4-1): 1. W Wells Par. 8-0, 2. W C.Schafer McP. 8-3, QF. L T.Hunter TH 8-1, CSF. W Weber BC 8-0, 5th. W Hays Par. 8-4.

7. Collin Martin (3-2): 1. W Burlie Mai. 8-2, 2. W R.Rasmussen CS 8-4, QF. L B.Hunter TH 8-1, CSF. L Hays Par. 8-1, 7th. W Weber BC 8-1.


4. Dean Dahlsten-Peter Jensen (2-2): 1. bye, 2. WS.Rasmussen-Van Curen CS 8-0, QF. W Horton-Horton McP. 8-7 (7-2), SF. L Webster-Posch Indy. 8-5, 3rd. L Moxley-Short WC 8-5.

8. Jacob Penner-Isaac Penner (2-3): 1. W Brhata-Thomas WW 8-1, 2. W Palmer-Foster Der. 8-6, QF. L Pyle-Davidson McP. 8-3, CSF. L Bevis-Zemanick BC 8-2, 7th. L DeLuce-Banning HT 8-2.