Ultimate Martial Arts of Newton won its 16th state title overall and 12th in a row at the North America Sport Taekwondo Association State Championships April 5 at Bethel College. The tournament drew 16 teams. The UMA team posted a score of 3,820 to win the event. Blazee Stahl won the 12 and under sparring title. Jonah Brackeen won the 15- to 17-year-old division and took second in the adult division, losing in the finals to Ethan Leigh, a member of the NASTA National Team member in Olympic sparring. Finishing with state titles in all events and receiving MVP awards were Mason Groves, Noah Khokhar, Isaac Klug, Hayley Loewen and Abbu Paronto. New events for this year included team demo and team sparring (total points for three team members). The sparring team of Groves, Khokhar and Loewen took first. UMA entries won all three team demo divisions — Adalyn Klug, Earl Mueller and Abby Paronto in the beginner divisiom; Nathan Barron, Isaac Klug, Jake Partridge and Kevin Watkins in the intermediate division; and Mason Groves, Khokhar, Isaac Klug and Loewen in the advanced division. Elijah Edwards, a senior red belt and black belt candidate was named most imrpoved in sparring. MayLee Edwards was selected for the UMA Leadership team. She also is a senior red belt and black belt candidate. “I can't begin to tell or express my gratitude or how proud I am of everyone,” UMA coach Chris Rangel said. “In 1997, we were awarded the winningest team in the nation. In 2010, our team won the Team National Championship title. This team is heading toward being the best team I have ever coached.” The team had demos, including one in Star Wars costumes and light sabers. The team will be competing at the NASTA Nationals June 26 to 29 at the Lake Delton Ice Arena in Wisconsin Dells. UMA results from the meet are listed below:

FORMS WEAPON FORMS TEAM DEM0 TEAM SPARRING INDIVIDUAL SPARRING Andrew Barron 1st 1st — — 2nd Nathan Barron 2nd 2nd 1st — 2nd Jonah Brackeen — — — — 1st Adam Chamberlain 4th 3rd — — — Rachel Cheek 2nd 3rd 3rd — 1st Elijah Edwards 2nd 3rd 3rd — 1st MayLee Edwards 2nd 2nd 3rd — 2nd Creed Ekerberg 1st 3rd — — 3rd Brayden Fisher 1st 1st 3rd — — Mason Groves 1st 1st 1st 1st 1st Clayton Kaufman 2nd — — — 1st Noah Khokhar 1st 1st 1st 1st 1st Adalyn Klug 2nd 2nd 1st — 2nd Isaac Klug 1st 1st 1st — 1st Scott Krasuski 1st 1st — — — Hayley Lowen 1st 1st 1st 1st 1st Rachel Lyons 3rd 2nd 2nd — 2nd Jaylen Murry 3rd — 2nd — — Jaymie Murry 4th — 2nd — — Earl Mueller 2nd 3rd 1st — 2nd Abby Paronto 1st 1st 1st — 1st Will Paronto 2nd 2nd 2nd — 2nd Jake Partridge 2nd 2nd 1st — 3rd

FORMS WEAPON FORMS TEAM DEM0 TEAM SPARRING INDIVIDUAL SPARRING Michael Scott 2nd 1st — — 2nd Jesse Sheffield 1st — — 3rd Brody Smith 2nd 1st 3rd — 1st Jayden Smith 1st 2nd 3rd — 2nd Blazee Stahl — — — — 1st Elizabeth Vasilenkova 2nd — 3rd — — Alex Vidacs — — 3rd Kevin Watkins 3rd 2nd 1st — 1st Megan Watkins 2nd — 2nd — 3rd Ryan Watkins 1st — 3rd 1st 1st Rob Watkins 3rd 3rd — — 1st

Team standings — Ultimate Martial Arts, Newton; Premier Martial Arts, Wichita; Camdenton Black Belt Academy, Camdenton, Mo.; Anger Management Taekwondo, Wichita; Champion Martial Arts, Overland Park; Kansas City TKD Foundation, Kansas City, Kan.; Harpes TKD, Lawrence; USA TKD, Kansas City, Mo.; Millers’ Shotokan Karate, Salina; Hutchinson Martial Arts; Pena School of MDK TDK, Hutchinson; Razor Razo Training Center, Modesto, Calif.; Air Capital Taekwondo, Andover; Dragon Martial Arts, San Diego; Family Martial Arts, Emporia; Wolf Pack TKD