WICHITA — The Newton High School girls’ swimming team won its third meet in four attempts, claiming the title of the Wichita Northwest Invitational Saturday. Newton edged the Andover-Andover Central combined team 289.5-273 for the meet title. Kapaun-Mt. Carmel was third at 228, followed by Wichita Trinity Academy at 224 and Derby at 174. There were 18 team in competition. The Railers had two new state qualifying times. Newton’s highest finish came in the 400-yard freestyle relay, where the team of Hana Robinson, Jessi Stucky, Emily O’Meara and Katrina Gerbrand took second in 4:09.05, a time cut of 2.71 seconds. The 200-yard medley relay team of Gerbrand, Robinson, O’Meara and Rebecca Schrag finished fourth in 2:06.77. Robinson took fourth in the 200-yard freestyle in 2:11.71, a time cut of 8.24-second time cut, and a new state qualifying time. Courtney Spreier had a 4.93-second time cut and a new state consideration time. Olivia Sailors had a .45-second time cut. Olivia Sailors had a .7-second time cut and Lydia Deckert had a 1.14-second time cut. Robinson took fourth in the 100-yard breaststroke in 1:16.35. Sophia Miller had a .59-second time cut in the event. Gerbrand took fourth in the 100-yard backstroke in 1:06.98, a .61-second time cut. In the 500-yard freestyle, Erin Bergen had a time of 6:21.25, a 7.02-second time cut and a new state qualifying time. Jessi Stucky had a 6.87-second time cut, missing the state time by .46 seconds. In the 200-yard individual medley, Bergen had a 2.94-second time cut. Lauren Couchmen had a 6.4-second time cut. In the 50-yard freestyle, Courtney Mellinger had a 1.2 second time cut. Emilie Holler had a 4.2-second time cut in the 100-yard butterfly and a new state consideration time. In the 100-yard freestyle, Schrag had a 3.43-second time cut; and Ginny Loeffler had a .73-second time cut. Newton competes at 4 p.m. today at the Campus Invitational.

Wichita Northwest Inv. Saturday Newton results x-exhibitions Team scores — Newton 289.5, Andover 273, Kapaun-Mt. Carmel 228, Wichita Trinity Academy 224, Derby 174, Bishop Carroll 171, Wichita North 169, Wichita Heights 146, Wichita Indpendent 124, Wichita Northwest 98, Winfield 80, Maize South 52, Wichita South 35, Wichita Collegiate 32, Rose Hill 26, Maize 16, Wichita West 6. 200-yd. medley relay — 3. Newton A (Gerbrand, Robinson, O’Meara, Schrag) 2:06.77, 7. Newton B (Holler, Miller, Couchmen, Stucky) 2:14.46-x, 21. Newton C (Deckert, E.Hershberger, A.Hershberger, Browning) 2:41.39-x. 200-yd. freestyle — 4. Robinson 2:11.71, 6. Spreier 2:19.64, 7. Sailors 2:22.85. 200-yd. individual medley — 5. Gerbrand 2:25.56, 11. Bergen 2:42.91, 14. Couchmen 2:46.54. 50-yd. freestyle — 8. Holler 28.51, 10. (tie) Schrag 28.85, 26. Mellinger 32.67. 100-yd. butterfly — 6. O’Meara 1:09.20, 10. Holler 1:13.93, 14. Miller 1:15.96. 100-yd. freestyle — 8. Schrag 1:04.27, 10. Spreier 1:04.83, 28. Loeffler 1:16.46. 500-yd. freestyle — 7. Bergen 6:21.25, 8. Stucky 6:22.14, 9. Couchmen 6:24.57. 200-yd. freestyle relay — 6. Newton A (O’Meara, Miller, Spreier, Holler) 1:57.79, 22. Newton B (Mellinger, Loeffler, A.Hershberger, Sailors) 2:12.55-x, 26. Newton C (Anderson, Browning, Turner, E.Hershberger) 2:25.87-x. 100-yd. backstroke — 4. Gerbrand 1:06.98, 12. Sailors 1:17.71, 14. Deckert 1:19.80. 100-yd. breaststroke — 4. Robinson 1:16.35, 13. Stucky 1:22.40, 15. Miller 1:22.92. 400-yd. freestyle relay — 2. Newton A (Robinson, Stucky, O’Meara, Gerbrand) 4:09.05, 8. Newton B (Couchmen, Mellinger, Bergen, Spreier) 4:36.35-x.