The Newton High School boys’ tennis team put all four of its entries on the front side of the brackets, taking second Thursday at the eight-team Newton Invitational at the Phil Scott Tennis Courts at the NHS campus and the Marty Ward Tennis Courts on the Bethel College campus.?Top-ranked (KTCA, Class 5A) Salina Central won the team title with 60 points, followed by Newton at 49 and Winfield at 48.?In the singles finals, Umberto Rossetto of Salina Central downed teammate Jack Weiner 8-5. In the doubles finals, Jeffrey Michel and Zachery Hampton of Central downed Hutchinson 8-3.?Newton was led by the doubles team of Josh Carlgren and Riley Kingsley, which finished third at 3-1. The team of Preston Ford and Shawn Bontrager finished fifth at 3-1.?In singles play, Yannick Rave finished fourth at 2-2. Adam Ford finished 2-2 to take seventh.?“Everybody contributed today,” Newton coach Nick Sisson said. “Yannick was seeded fourth in singles and did very well. He had a match that he almost won for third. Doubles got down against the team from Hutch 4-0, but clawed their way back to force a tie-breaker. They just came up a little short in the end. We’re getting better. The goal is to be ready by May, when regionals roll around. I was most happy with my twos. My two singles player, Adam Ford, finished seventh in a field of 16. He got one of his first big wins. My two doubles team got a couple big wins. They upset the eighth-place team in 6A from last year in a tie-breaker. Then they beat the Salina Central team for fifth. My twos had a huge day. Their contribution is why we took second place.”?Newton competes Monday at the rescheduled Arkansas City Invitational and Tuesday at the Salina Central Invitational.?“We’re in a really good spot,” Sisson said. “We’re where we need to be. We have a big meet on Monday and another on Tuesday. I think we’re going to peak at the right time.”

Newton Invitational?Thursday?Team scores — Salina Central 60, Newton 49, Winfield 48, Hutchinson 34, Emporia 33, Derby 26, Campus 15, Wichita Heights 9.?SINGLES?First round — J.Weiner SC def. A.Shriner WH 8-0, A.Ford New. def. C.Teichmann Hut. 8-1, Y.Rave New. def. J.Woods Cam. 8-0, L.Cayton Emp. def. E.Chapin Hut. 8-0, U.Rosetto SC def. T.Bevier Der. 8-0, A.Osen Win. def. J.Nicklaus Cam. 8-0, B.Baker Der. def. X.Cahoone Emp. 8-3, C.Olney Win. def. K.Lawless WH 8-3.?Quarterfinals — Championship: J.Weiner SC def. A.Ford New. 8-0, Y.Rave New. def. L.Cayton Emp. 8-6, U.Rosetto SC def. A.Osen Emp. 8-0, C.Olney Win. def. B.Baker Der. 8-2. Consolation: C.Teichmann Hut. def. A.Shriner WH 8-0, E.Chapin Hut. def. J.Woods Cam. 8-3, T.Bevier Der. def. J.Nicklaus Cam. 8-0, X.Cohoon Emp. def. K.Lawless WH 8-4.?Semifinals — Championship: J.Wiener SC def. Y.Rave New. 8-2, U.Rosetto SC def. C.Olney Win. 8-2. Fifth-place bracket: L.Cayton Emp. def. A.Ford New. 8-2, A.Osen Win. def. B.Baker Der. 8-7 (7-4). Ninth-place bracket: C.Teichmann Hut. def. E.Chapin Hut. 8-2, X.Cahoone Emp. def. T.Bevier Der. 8-7 (13-11). 13th-place bracket: J.Woods Cam. def. A.Shriner WH 8-6, K.Lawless WH def. J.Nicklaus Cam. 8-5.?Medal round — Championship: U.Rosetto SC def. J.Wiener SC 8-5. Third place: C.Olney Win. def. Y.Rave New. 8-6. Fifth place: A.Osen Win. def. L.Cayton Emp. 8-5. Seventh place: A.Ford New. def. B.Baker Der. 8-4. Ninth place: C.Teichmann Hut. def. X.Cahoone Emp. 8-6. 11th place: E.Chapin Hut. def. T.Bevier Der. 8-7 (7-4). 13th place: K.Lawless WH def. J. Woods Cam. score n/a. 15th place: J.Nicklaus Cam. def. A.Shriner WH 8-6.?DOUBLES?First round — J.Michel-Z.Hampton SC def. N.Lamp-J.Rogers WH 8-0, P.Ford-S.Bontrager New. def. J.Silva-D.Aspley Cam. 8-0, S.Camp-T.Hoover Win. def. R.Gimenes-A.Reyes WH 8-0, Swink-Hunter Der. def. C.Ratzlaff-A.Kraft Emp. 8-4, J.Carlgren-R.Kingsley New. def. C.McCarmant-E.Raigoza Hut. 8-0, P.Gapter-T.Hampton SC def. Trease-Gessler Der. 8-3, S.File-C.Queal Hut. def. C.Richardson-J.Tucker Cam. 8-0, C.Wasko-E.Oliphant Win. def. N.DeBauge-C.Salazar Emp. 8-2.?Quarterfinals — Championship: J.Michel-Z.Hampton SC def. P.Ford-S.Bontrager New. 8-0, S.Camp-T.Hoover Win. def. Swink-Hunter Der. 8-2, J.Carlgren-R.Kingsley New. def. P.Gapton-T.Hampton SC 8-1, S.File-C.Queal Hut. def. C.Wasko-E.Oliphant Win. 8-5. Consolation: .?Semifinals — Championship: J.Michel-Z.Hampton SC def. S.Camp-T.Hoover Win. 8-7 (7-3), S.File-C.Queal Hut. def. J.Carlgren-R.Kingsley New. 8-7 (7-4). Fifth-place bracket: P.Ford-S.Bontrager New. def. Swink-Hunter Der. 8-7 (8-6), P.Gapter-T.Hampton SC def. C.Wasko-E.Oliphant Win. 8-1. Ninth-place bracket: C.Ratzaff-A.Kraft Emp. def. J.Silva-D.Apsley Cam. 8-7 (7-1), N.DeBauge-C.Salazar Emp. def. C.McCarmant-E.Raigoza Hut. 8-2. 13th-place bracket: R.Gimenes-A.Reyes WH def. N.Lamp-J.Rogers WH 8-3, C.Richardson-J.Tucker Cam. def. Trease-Gessler Der. 8-6.?Medal round — Championship: J.Michel-Z.Hampton SC def. S.File-C.Queal Hut. 8-3. Third place: J.Carlgren-R.Kingsley New. def. S.Camp-T.Hoover Win. 8-5. Fifth place: P.Ford-S.Bontrager New. def. P.Gapter-T.Hampton SC 8-6. Seventh place: Swink-Hunter Der. def. C.Wasko-E.Oliphant Win. 8-2. Ninth place: N.DeBauge-C.Salazar Emp. def. C.Ratzlaff-A.Kraft Emp. 8-3. 11th place: J.Silva-D.Apsley Cam. def. C.McCarmant-E.Raigoza Hut. 8-5. 13th place: C.Richardson-J.Tucker Cam. def. R.Grimenes-A.Reyes WH 8-4. 15th place: Trease-Gessler Der. def. N.Lamp-J.Rogers WH 8-1.