Bethany claimed the team title, while a pair of Southwestern golfers claimed the individual title of the Bethel Invitational Monday and Tuesday.?Monday’s round was shot at Sand Creek Station in Newton. Tuesday’s round was shot at the Hesston Golf Course.?Bethany had a team score of 602, five strokes better than Southwestern. NCAA Division II Pittsburg State was third at 629, followed by Sterling at 630 and Central Christian at 635.?Host Bethel was 10th at 676.?Southwestern teammates Seth Bryan and Shane Gilbert tied for the individual title with a four-over 147 for 72 holes. Greg Miller and Jose Lelode Larrea, both of Bethany, tied for third at 150.?Bethel was led by Matthew Dewberry, who tied for 25th at 162; followed by Ethan Rodenberg and Matt Dillon, who each tied for 42nd at 170; Garrison Gundy. who placed 56th at 180; Abram Rodenberg, who tied for 57th at 181; and Chris Santoya, who finished 59th at 184.?Bethel competes April 15 and 16 at the Haskell Invitational at the Firekeeper Golf Course on the Prairie Band Potawatomie Nation, 15 miles north of Topeka. Firekeeper also is the site for the KCAC Championships April 29 and 30.

Bethel Invitational?Monday and Tuesday?Sand Creek Station (Par 72)?Hesston Golf Course (Par 71)?Team scores

Bethany 313-289—602 +30?Southwestern 296-311—607 +35?Pittsburg State 327-302—629 +57?Sterling 324-306—630 +58?Central Christian 333-302—635 +63?Kansas Wesleyan 340-307—647 +75?Hastings 336-329—665 +93?Ottawa 339-326—665 +93?Friends 345-329—674 +102?Bethel 336-340—676 +104?Central (Neb.) CC 360-348—708 +136?Individual results?T1. Seth Bryan SW 70-77—147 +4?T1. Shane Gilbert SW 71-76—147 +4?T3. Greg Miller Bty. 81-69—150 +7?T3. Jose Lelode Larrea Bty. 77-73—150 +7?T5. Ben Johnson Bty. 78-73—151 +8?T5. Lex Deal Bty. 78-73—151 +8?T5. Treg Fawl Ct.Chr. 78-73—151 +8?8. Justice Valdivia PSU 76-76—152 +9?9. James Tisdale Bty. 77-76—153 +10?10. Layton Bogle Ster. 79-75—154 +11?T11. Bobby Weidner SW 76-79—155 +12?T11. Lincoln Redmon Ster. 82-73—155 +12?T11. Rob Carlson KWU 80-75—155 +12?14. Brett Dowell PSU 81-75—156 +13?T15. Cody Vance Hast. 75-82—157 +14?T15. Derek Lehman Ct.Chr. 83-74—157 +14?T17. Cole Murrin PSU 85-73—158 +15?T17. Gabe Vlasic Ott. 79-79—158 +15?T19. Jake Henson SW 79-80—159 +16?T19. Stephen Austin Ster. 85-74—159 +16?21. Tanner George Ster. 81-79—160 +17?T22. Justin Churchill SW 82-79—161 +18?T22. Luke Redmon Ster. 82-79—161 +18?T22. Tanner Roney KWU 85-76—161 +18?T25. Joel Weiss KWU 84-78—162 +19?T25. Matthew Dewberry Btl. 82-80—162 +19?T25. Skyler Miner Fr. 87-75—162 +19?T28. Brady Sherman Ct.Chr. 87-76—163 +20?T28. Chris Douglas Ott. 86-77—163 +20?T28. Fletcher Harder PSU 85-78—163 +20?T28. Jacob Gose Ster. 82-81—163 +20?T28. Matt O'Neill Bty. 89-74—163 +20?T33. Keith Slattery Ct.Chr. 85-79—164 +21?T33. Ross Hoglund Hast. 82-82—164 +21?T33. Tim Daniels Bty. 89-75—164 +21?T36. Cody Crabtree KWU 91-74—165 +22?T36. Tyler Clark KWU 85-80—165 +22?T36. Will Peers CNCC 84-81—165 +22?T39. Blake Cormack Bty. 87-80—167 +24?T39. Tanner Crawford Ott. 84-83—167 +24?T42. Brett Baxter Fr. 86-84—170 +27?T42. Ethan Rodenberg Btl. 81-89—170 +27?T42. Matt Diller Btl. 88-82—170 +27?T45. Andrew Briggs Fr. 85-86—171 +28?T45. Austin Stebens Fr. 87-84—171 +28?T48. Drake Schmidt Hast. 90-83—173 +30?T48. Tanner Thurman Bty. 89-84—173 +30?T50. Adam Weishaar Bty. 86-88—174 +31?T50. Brady Barrett CNCC 91-83—174 +31?T52. Connor Gallentine Ott. 90-87—177 +34?T52. Jeremy Murman Hast. 89-88—177 +34?55. Blake Bowland Hast. 96-82—178 +35?56. Garrison Gundy Btl. 87-93—180 +37?57. Abram Rodenberg Btl. 92-89—181 +38?58. Cole Pritchard CNCC 95-88—183 +40?59. Chris Santoya Btl. 85-99—184 +41?60. Andrew Trimble Fr. 93-92—185 +42?61. Nathan Wangler CNCC 90-96—186 +43?62. Tyler Jones KWU 97-91—188 +45?63. Riley Tracey Ct.Chr. 94-95—189 +46?T65. Doug Murdoch Fr. 99-96—195 +52?T65. Robert Utter Ott. 96-99—195 +52

KCAC team standings?Through three events?Bethany 20?Southwestern 19?Sterling 15?Kansas Wesleyan 12?Ottawa 9?Bethel 5?Friends 4?Individual standings?Gilbert, Shane SW 99.5?Johnson, Ben Bty. 99?Larrea, Jose Lelode Bty. 89?Miller, Greg Bty. 89?Weidner, Bobby SW 86?Bryan, Seth SW 86?Carlson, Rob KWU 81.5?George, Tanner Ster. 79.5?Churchill, Justin SW 73.5?Bogle, Layton Ster. 66.5?Redmon, Luke Ster. 65?Gose, Jake Ster. 64?Tisdale, James Bty. 59.5?O'Neill, Matt Bty. 58?Redmon, Lincoln Ster. 56?Vlasic, Gabe Ott. 55?Deal, Lex Bty. 53?Austin, Stephen Ster. 50?Douglas, Chris Ott. 49.5?Henson, Jake SW 42.5?Dewberry, Matt Btl. 41?Clark, Tyler KWU 36.5?Richardson, Chad SW 35?Rodenberg, Abram Btl. 35?Arneson, Luke SW 33?Weis, Joel KWU 32.5?Roney, Tanner KWU 29.5?Crabtree, Cody KWU 27.5?Baxter, Brett Fr. 26?Miner, Skyler Fr. 25.5?Crawford, Tanner Ott. 20?Venn, Steven SW 17?Diller, Matt Btl. 15.5?Buskirk, Jake Fr. 15?Kopatich, Tyler Ott. 14.5?Branine, Kyle SW 14.5?Rodenberg, Ethan Btl. 13?Gallentine, Connor Ott. 12?Daniels, Tim Bty. 11?Stebens, Austin Fr. 9?Briggs, Andrew Fr. 7.5?Cormack, Blake Bty. 7.5?Pfanelstiel, Adrian Ott. 4?Santoya, Chris Btl. 2?Lindquist, Erik KWU 1.5?Ellsperman, Spencer Ott. 1.5?Thurman, Tanner Bty. 1