Background (previous work or political experience, etc.):

B.S. Business Administration emphasis in Marketing; minor Leadership Studies; M.S. Higher Education Administration; graduate certificate Academic Advising; Practical Skills for Managing Interpersonal Conflict (Core Mediation training), KIPCOR, Bethel College; Hutchinson Community College Newton coordinator.

Reasons for running for office:

I believe in Newton. My husband and I moved here six years ago and have chosen to raise our family here. There are challenges that face Newton, and I know I am right for the job based on my educational training, mediation training, and the skills acquired in my job at Hutchinson Community College.

What are the issues you think are most important to address:

The future of recreation in Newton is at a crossroads. The health of our citizens and safety of our children are important, and I will continue to be purposeful in my discussions while moving forward in the best direction for the community, whether it be with a Rec, a YMCA, or a solution we have not discovered yet.
Economic vitality in Newton impacts the future. As a community leader, I will find a way to encourage growth within our existing business community, while continuing to remember our agricultural history and using our current resources and talent to influence that growth. Utilizing collaborative decision making, I intend to work with other community members and leaders to determine how to best draw new industries to Newton.

Why are you the best candidate for the job:

My educational background in both business and education allows me to both think like a business person and to think in the governmental model of providing services. My mediation training at KIPCOR has allowed me to better evaluate conflict situations while developing more effective listening skills. I am willing to step out and ask questions. I do not often take information at face value and challenge reports and statistics.
I am a transplant to Newton and offer both a fresh perspective and some experience from renting and owning a home. I am a young professional with a young family and continue to seek opportunities for my family.

What should the community of Newton look like 10 years in the future:

I want the Newton of the future to have an integrated and accessible recreation operation. I recognize that Newton will continue to have ties with the Wichita Metro area, and I also recognize that to maintain our identity and be a vibrant community we must be proactive in selling our strengths and filling the Kansas Logistics Park while creating neighborhoods, and business developments both on Main Street and Meridian that will create a sustaining tax base.