Age: 59?Occupation: School psychologist?Education: M.S. in School Psychology?Family: Married, two children, two grandchildren

Experience on boards: Four years on the Newton Board of Education, eight years on the Newton Recreation Board.

Why are you running for this position??I have been an educational advocate for kids in the public schools for the last 36 years and this gives me an opportunity to give back to the community.

What are your qualifications??I am a school psychologist and have worked in public education for the last 36 years.

What is the best thing you can bring to the board??An understanding of students educational needs and knowledge of educational programs that work. I am also familiar with educational research and data analysis.

What are a couple of the biggest issues facing the schools, and what would you like to do about those issues??I would predict that the biggest issue will be funding of educational programs. Schools could face drastic funding cuts in the next two years. If this happens, the board of education will have to make sure that budget cuts have the least effect on our students.

What is one thing you want voters to know??The next few weeks in Topeka will have a major impact on our schools in Kansas. Please contact your representatives in Topeka if you have concerns about the impact of their decisions on public education.