Chris Ross

Age: 23?Occupation: Full-time Graduate Student?Education: Bachelor in Sport Management from Wichita State. Pursuing a Master in Business Administration from Newman University

Family: Single

Why are you running for this position??I'm running for school board for many reasons, but the guiding light is that I believe USD 373 can be better. I'm extremely passionate about this school district, having spent 13 of the last 18 years of my life in it. I had such positive experiences and I want the same, or better, for the next generations.

What are your qualifications??What qualifies someone for a school board? Is it decades of experience in education? If so, I have zero qualifications. If knowing what it's like to be a student in this day and age counts for anything, then I'm by far the most qualified candidate.

What is the best thing you can bring to the board??My youth, energy and "Why not?" attitude. I was raised to question everything and fear nothing when it comes to things that are as important as this. I bring an entirely different perspective to this school board! On a board of seven, some fresh thinking can only be a positive.

What are a couple of the biggest issues facing the schools, and what would you like to do about those issues??As it always is, the lack of funding trumps all on the list of issues. It defines every decision we have to make. In the past our school board has looked at issues as if they're black or white. We either having the funding or the program is cut. I see problems a little differently. I believe that Newton and Walton are some of the most SUPPORTIVE communities in the state! With that support we can provide our students with unimaginable opportunities without relying on raising taxes.

What is one thing you want voters to know??I want the voters to know that we can do better. USD 373 has so many caring people in it that want our children to succeed. I believe that a fresh and energetic perspective can accomplish that.