$2.19 million

WHAT IT IS: The city of Newton's 2013 budget for the street division of the department of public works. The budget is up slightly from the 2012 adopted budget of $2.16 million and the 2011 budget of $1.73 million.

DEPARTMENT STATS: The street department is responsible for pavement maintenance, street cleaning, traffic control services, snow and ice control, and gravel road and alley maintenance. The division's focus is on preventative pavement maintenance on a revolving schedule. The community's street network is divided into six zones, with one zone receiving maintenance each year. The city reports there are a variety of methods used to target the right maintenance at the right time to keep Newton streets in the best possible condition while operating within budgetary constraints. In 2012, the city slurry sealed about 150,000 square yards of pavement (note: a slurry seal is made from emulsified asphalt and is used to extend the life of the pavement).

BUDGET BREAKOUT: Some of the line items in the department's 2013 budget are:

Personal services: $1.08 million (the department has the equivalent of 18 full-time staff members, including a street/sanitation superintendent, equipment operators, maintenance workers and a traffic control technician)

Contractual services: $599,465

Commodities and supplies: $345,617

Vehicle operating: $184,000

Transfers out: $17,826

2013 CHANGES: According to the city, adjustments had to be made to the 2013 budget due to forecasted price increases in utility bills and motor fuel. Some of the contract street maintenance dollars were shifted back to street materials to support the demand in curb and gutter repair and asphalt patching.

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