Chasitty Solko thought it was a miracle: her dog Demon, a Husky mix, went missing from Larned on March 19 but a week later was found in Newton ó a distance of about 100 miles. Although she planned to come pick him up, Demon went missing again, and she's now asking for the community's help to locate her pet.

"Please help us get him home ó we miss him very much," Solko said.

On March 26, a woman found Demon in the 700 block of East 12th Street in Newton. She placed him in her backyard while she went to run an errand. While Solko was on her way from Larned to pick him up, the woman called to report Demon had escaped again.

"My heart just sank," Solko said. "I still drove the two hours to Newton, hoping he would still be in the area and if he heard me hollering for him he would come. I drove up and down the streets hollering until it was dark out, but I didnít have any luck. I had to drive home in hopes that someone would find him the next day."

Solko said Demon has a faded lime green collar on and has blue eyes. He is 12 years old and very friendly and playful. If you spot a dog that looks like Demon, Solko asks you to call Animal Control, 284-6030, or take him to Caring Hands Humane Society, 283-0839.

"I have been checking with them daily to see if he has shown up, and they have my contact information," Solko said.