The following securities, market prices and Chicago markup, markdown or commission are furnished through the cooperation of Edward Jones, Newton.?AGCO 52.12?Bank of America 12.18?Berkshire 104.20?Boeing 85.85?Kroger 33.14?ONEOK 47.67?Pepsico 79.11?Park 25.34?Raytheon 58.79?Skyline 5.97?Textron 29.81?Walgreen 47.68?Wal-Mart 74.83?Westar Energy 33.18

Grain prices are courtesy of Mid-Kansas Cooperative, North Newton only (as of Thursday; no new prices available), and are priced per bushel:?Wheat 6.96?Milo 6.76?Soybeans 13.97?Corn 7.04