HESSTON — The Hesston High School boys’ tennis team opened the season by winning the Hesston Invitational Tuesday.?The Swathers downed Goddard 48-40 for the title. Wichita Independent finished third at 21 points, followed by Hutchinson Trinity in fourth at 20 points.?Hesston’s Keegan LeFevre won the first singles title over Goddard’s Timio Lopez 8-7 (7-2). Hesston’s Collin Martin won second singles over Tyler Manlove of Goddard 8-3.?Dean Dahlsten and Peter Jensen won first doubles, stopping a team from Goddard 8-6. Jacob Penner and Isaac Penner won second doubles, stopping a team from Goddard 8-3.?Hesston competes at 3 p.m. Tuesday at the Smoky Valley Invitational.

Hesston Invitational I?Team scores — Hesston 48, Goddard 40, Wichita Independent 21, Hutchinson Trinity 20, Parsons 14, Wichita Trinity Academy 12, Concordia 9, Smoky Valley 8.?First singles?Quarterfinals — Jacob Maddox WI def. Isaac Sprague Con. 8-1, Keegan LeFevre Hes. def. Evan Bentley HT 8-5, Payton Hayes Par. def. Will Bochte SV 8-3, Timio Lopez Gdd. def. Austin Brown WTA 8-1.?Semifinals — Championship: LeFevre Hes. def. Maddox WI 8-2, Lopez Gdd. def. Haynes Par. 8-4. Consolation: Bentley HT def. Sprague Con. 8-0, Bochte SV def. Brown WTA 8-6.?Medal round — First: LeFevre Hes. def. Lopez Gdd. 8-7 (7-2). Third: Maddox WI def. Hayes Par. 8-7 (7-5). Fifth: Bochte SV de.f Bentley HT 8-6. Seventh: Brown WTA def. Sprague Con. 8-4.?Second singles?Quarterfinals — Collin Martin Hes. def. Paden Schrag SV 8-0, David Dieckhoff WTA def. Nate Clennan HT 8-0, Tyler Manlove Gdd. def. Robbie Steere WI 8-1, Tristan Morgan Con. def. Matt Mosier Par. 8-3.?Semifinals — Championship: Martin Hes. def. Dieckhoff WTA 8-1, Manlove Gdd. def. Morgan Con. 8-3. Consolation: Clennan HT def. Schrag SV 8-0, Mosier Par. def. Steere WI 8-6.?Medal round — First: Martin Hes. def. Manlove Gdd. 8-3. Third: Dieckhoff WTA def. Morgan Con. 8-0. Fifth: Clennan HT def. Mosier Par. 8-6. Seventh: Steere WI def. Schrag SV 8-5.?First doubles?Quarterfinals — Gerken-Stoller Gdd. def. A.Schneider-Bellah SV 8-2, Banning-Deluca HT def. Mueller-Nagrireddy WI 8-4, Dahlsten-Jensen Hes. def. Kriwiel-Zimmerman WTA 8-3, Beardmore-Benevides Par. def. Timme-Rohovit Con. 8-6.?Semifinals — Championship: Gerken-Stoller Gdd. def. Banning-Deluca HT 8-6, Dahlsten-Jensen Hes. def. Beardmore-Benevides Par. 8-4. Consolation: Mueller-Nagridreddy WI def. A.Schneider-Bellah SV 8-2, Kreiwiel-Zimmerman WTA def. Timme-Rohovit Con. 8-4.?Medal round — First: Dahlsten-Jensen Hes. def. Gerken-Stoller Gdd. 8-6. Third: Banning-Deluca HT def. Beardmore-Benedies Par. 8-0. Fifth: Mueller-Nagridreddy WI def. Kriwiel-Zimmerman WTA 8-6. Seventh: Timme-Rohovit Con. def. A.Schneider-Bellah SV 8-4.?Second doubles?Quarterfinals — Penner-Penner Hes. def. Sheely-Whitney Con. 8-2, Hughes-Glassman HT def. Jarrett-Wells Par. 8-4, Dunn-Rogers Gdd. def. T.Schneider-Meier SV 8-3, Lloyd-Lloyd WI def. Maine-Womack WTA 8-0.?Semifinals — Championship: Penner-Penner Hes. def. Hughes-Glassman HT 8-1, Dunn-Rogers Gdd. def. Lloyd-Lloyd WI 8-0. Consolation: Sheely-Whitney Con. def. Jarrett-Wells Par. 8-6, T.Schneider-Meier SV def. Maine-Womack WTA 8-1.?Medal round — First: Penner-Penner Hes. def. Dunn-Rogers Gdd. 8-3. Third: Lloyd-Lloyd WI def. Hughes-Glassman HT 8-4. Fifth: T.Schneider-Meier SV def. Sheely-Whitney Con. 8-3. Seventh: Maine-Womack WTA def. Jarrett-Wells Par. 8-5.