$1.13 million

WHAT IT IS: The city of Newton's 2013 budget for the shop division of the department of public works. The budget is up slightly from the 2012 adopted budget of $1.09 million and the 2011 budget of $879,502.

DEPARTMENT STATS: The shop department is responsible for maintaining, repairing and refueling the city's fleet of vehicles. The division operates a fleet service garage where maintenance can be performed on vehicles, as well as a central fueling station, vehicle wash bay and a small pool of vehicles that can be rented to departments on an as-needed basis. The city consumes about 110,000 gallons of motor fuel annually, and the city's two full-time automotive technicians complete more than 800 work orders per year.

BUDGET BREAKOUT: Some of the line items in the department's 2013 budget are:?- Personal services: $204,563 (the department has the equivalent of four full-time staff members, including two automotive technicians, an administrative assistant and a custodian)?- Contractual services: $45,154?- Commodities and supplies: $749,845?- Vehicle operating: $54,000?- Capital outlay: $79,000

2013 CHANGES: According to the city, volatility in the oil market continues to foster uncertainty about motor fuel prices. Additional budgeted funds went to this line item.

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