Hubbard Chiropractic Clinic, Newton, has been designated a "Concussion Health Certified Center." The distinction recognizes Sean Hubbard, D.C., has successfully completed Concussion Health's competency-based certification.

Recognizing the growing need to provide enhanced concussion management, Dr. Hubbard studies and researches the latest treatment protocols and science, as well as invests in the latest technology.

He has recently brought in the Humac Balance System to objectively help in the diagnosis of balance problems often associated with concussion. For instance, research results suggest balance is one of the three assessment pillars, along with cognitive testing and a symptom checklist for making safe return-to-play decisions following a head injury.

Hubbard Chiropractic offers balance assessment to establish?a reliable baseline of an athlete’s balance function, as well as a baseline cognitive assessment test from Axon Sports. Taking these steps prior to a head injury provides objective data about an athlete’s balance and cognitive performance and becomes another tool for a health-care provider in forming a plan for rehabilitation and return-to-play.

This year, at least one in 10 athletes will suffer a concussion, according to the Centers for Disease Control. Most sports- and recreation-related concussions seen in emergency rooms (65 percent) occur among youth age 5–18.

The Hubbard Chiropractic Clinic philosophy is centered on a passion for functional neurology and how to better serve humankind. Sean Hubbard, D.C., is eligible to sit for the Chiropractic Neurology Board and has more than 450 classroom hours in the study of Chiropractic Neurology. This coming year, he has made a commitment to concussion treatment and education. Beginning in March, Dr. Hubbard will begin a 250-hour course in concussion management through the Carrick Institute of Graduate Studies in Atlanta.

“We do not only use our knowledge of concussion on athletes. Playground accidents, slips, falls and motor vehicle collisions are leading causes of concussion," Hubbard said. "There is a big focus on athletics and the concussions that happen on the practice and game field, but I also want people to understand it is not just athletes that are getting concussions.”

“Hubbard Chiropractic Clinic exemplifies our shared goal of improving the health-care outcomes of athletes and their families through the use of best practices,” said Bridgett Wallace, Concussion Health CEO and co-founder. “As part of our commitment to our partners, we’ll provide the Hubbard Chiropractic Clinic staff members with a full year of clinical support.”

Based on the latest research guidelines and best practice standards regarding concussion management, Concussion Health’s online training is designed to meet the educational needs of athletic trainers, physical therapists, school nurses, coaches, parents, athletes and other health-care providers.

What is a concussion?

According the Consensus Statement on Concussion in Sport (Zurich, 2008), a concussion is “a complex pathophysiological process affecting the brain, induced by traumatic biomechanical forces.” It is a brain injury caused by a direct blow to the head or other part of the body that results in a rapid movement of the brain within the skull. Whether a bump, blow or jolt, a concussion can interfere with normal brain function that results in common features:?• Sudden onset of symptoms that, in most cases, gradually disappear with rest, usually within seven to 10 days.?• May cause a disturbance in normal brain function but no detectable structural damage (e.g., brain scan with MRI or CT scan).?• Typically does not involve a loss of consciousness (less than 10 percent of the time) and symptoms gradually disappear although a small percentage have symptoms that linger, sometimes referred to as “post-concussion syndrome.”

About Hubbard Chiropractic Clinic

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