A jackknifed semi set the stage for two other accidents Monday afternoon at milepost 34.9 on I-135 near North Newton.

A Pontiac Minivan rear ended a Chevy Silverado owned by the Harvey County Sheriff's Department. The deputy was working the semi-truck accident at the time. As a result, one passenger suffered a broken foot and a second suffered a broken nose, according to the Sheriff's department. There were five people in the van. All were taken to Newton Medical Center and released later in the day.

A second sheriff's office pickup was struck by a Honda. No injuries were reported as a result.

According to the Harvey County Sheriff's Department, both drivers were driving at or above the posted speed limit in near white-out conditions. Sheriff T. Walton said the car and the van were damaged beyond repair.

"The Honda and van were totaled," Walton said. "There was extensive damage to the deputy's trucks. The jackknifed semi, they got it out of the median and it drove away."

He said speed played a major role in the accidents.

"There is no need to get anywhere quick, to get there five minutes or 10 minutes later you can avoid thousands of dollars of damage and injuries," Walton said. "Just take your time."

 ?For the city of Newton, trash pickup went pretty much as normal, even with a second snowstorm within a week. They ran their normal routes Monday and Tuesday, city public information officer Erin McDaniel said.

?The first storm dumped 12 inches or more on the city, and the second one added about 10 more. Some of the snow melted over the weekend after the first storm.

?Streets were being cleared of snow and the city did not put down any new salt because the temperature of the pavement was not below freezing. Temperatures were not much below freezing at any point in the second storm.

?They were planning to haul off more snow from the downtown area Tuesday night.

?The city used three plows mounted on trucks and a road grader to clear the snow from a total of 80 lane-miles of street.

?The city is also working on sidewalks and parking lots, but parking lots are not the highest priority.

?No more precipitation is in the forecast with temperatures expected in the upper 30s through Saturday. Next Sunday through Tuesday temperatures in the 50s are forecast.