Snow days filled with baking and movie-watching are the best.

Last Wednesday morning the kids got up and we talked about the snow that was coming, even though we didn’t see any of the white stuff until driving to school.  We also hoped for a snow day on Thursday, even though Wednesday afternoon the snow was so faint I was skeptical it could get bad enough for them to call off school and so I considered keeping my kids home and calling it a Snow Day, even if it was just for the Foxes.
But the snow finally started falling harder and Little Missy and I jumped off the couch and hugged each other and did the happy dance when we got the recording from Mr. Black that school was off for Thursday.  Because snow days filled with baking and movie-watching are the best.
We started off the Official Snow Day by staying up late with the kids to watch “Nacho Libre” Wednesday night (which I confess is the first time I watched it, and while it’s PG, it may be a bit too violent for little ones [I covered Baby Chickadee’s eyes a few times]).  Then Thursday morning the kids slept in until 7:30, which I consider a win because usually those crazies wake extra early on their days off but that morning, nope, not too early.
After I pulled myself out of bed a wee bit later I got started on the baking, which is Step One to an awesome Snow Day.  I found a healthy (shh, don’t tell G and Little Missy!) banana/chocolate chip/oat recipe that the kids didn’t shirk but instead ate for breakfast and lunch.  Or rather, it was more that they kept swiping muffins from the kitchen so that they were never hungry for lunch.  But they can snarf healthy muffins as much as they want.
We watched too many episodes of “Pound Puppies” on Netflix (Seriously, it was too much.  We need variety in our couch-potatoness.) and about early afternoon the big kids wanted to play outside.
It’s fab that they’re six and eight, because now they can dress themselves in layers for the snow; it is not me digging through drawers and rifling through closets for appropriate gear.  I gave suggestions, sure, but they hunted down the layers and got all of them on and headed outside on their own while I watched them climb the mound left by the snow plow and hit each other with snow balls at close range.
When Hubby got home we waited for Baby Chickadee to wake from her very long nap so that they could all go sledding.  Finally deciding to wake the preciously sleeping toddler, Hubby asked me if I wanted to go sledding with them.  I shook my head No, because being cold is not my thing.  Plus all the layers and time it takes to get not only myself but my toddler ready for the cold?  Blech.  But then I quickly changed my answer to Yes because I need to enjoy the moments with my kids and not only see the pictures my husband brings back.
So Hubby sent the big kids and their friend Neighbor Boy on to the sledding hill while we finished up getting ready.  By the time we got to them they were already sledding down the hill on their own and generally being adorable and big-kid like.  Then Baby Chickadee got to sled for her first time and I trekked up and down the hill to retrieve sleds for the big kids and being with my kids is fun, even in the snow.  I need to remember this for the future.
And now, as I’m writing this, another Snow Day lays before us.  When I got the call from Mr. Black AGAIN I could hardly speak I was so excited.  Any other day at home I would get bored and antsy from such laziness, but snow days are perfect for lounging and snuggling and baking.  Hooray for blizzards.