Holidays seem to prevail with candy, candy and more candy!

Yesterday was February 15, the day after Valentine's Day. I was at the local super store picking up some household supplies and as I emerged out of the pet aisle I was bombarded with leftover Valentine items. Valentine cards, wall hangings, cupcake liners, and CANDY including leftover cellophane-wrapped red hearts full of chocolate, heart-shaped lollipops and those awful tasting heart candies stamped with words such as "Luv Ya," "Be Mine" and "Yours Truly." Fortunately my frugal shopping budget pushed me forward without a second glance.

But as I turned the corner my head began to spin. I came upon chocolate covered eggs, jelly beans and Peeps. Remember, those overly sweet marshmallows that come in the shape of yellow chicks and now even come dreadful colors such as hot pink and bright blue. And one bite of the "treat" makes your teeth feel like they are being disolved by a sugar. I couldn't believe Easter candy was already on the store shelves. Worse yet, I couldn't believe the amount of candy that was before my eyes!

I remember the days when I would bake Valentine shaped cupcakes with my mother. We'd decorate them with HOMEMADE frosting and pipe the name of my classmates on each cupcake.

At Easter time my mother and I would sit around the dining room table and create classroom treats by cutting bunny shaped holders out of styrofoam cups. We'd then fill them with miniature chocolate eggs and jelly beans. (Okay, that required some store-bought candy but back then that's all you that was available to buy!)

Why do holidays have to focus on candy, candy and more candy? I'm looking forward to the break between Easter and Halloween. Surely the Fourth of July will prevail with traditional fireworks?