The Newton High School bowling teams had one of their lower scores for the season, but the boys were still able to claim wins over Goddard and Goddard Eisenhower, while the girls beat Goddard and fell to Eisenhower, Tuesday at Play-Mor Lanes. The boys rolled a 2,182, followed by Eisenhower at 2,120 and Goddard at 1,850. The Eisenhower girls won at 2,104, followed by Newton at 1,851 and Goddard at 1,421. “It was nice for the boys to beat Eisenhower today,” Newton coach Keith Woolery said. “They have been bowling some good series. On both the boys’ and girls’ sides, we had a lot of trouble with spares. Hopefully, that won’t be the case on Friday.” In the boys’ competition, Jerrod Ashcraft of Newton had the high series of 597, followed by Zach Bohanon of Eisenhower at 575 and Newton’s Bryan Esau at 565. In the girls’ competition, Shannon Kane of Eisenhower won at 589, followed by Birdget Lagana at 554 and Brooke Gile at 503. Kane had the top two high games of 211 and 202. Gile was third at 191. Newton was led by Jordann Parks with a high series of 500 and a high game of 188. “Jared shot a 597, and on Thursday, he shot a 598, so that 600 eluded him today,” Woolery said. “The girls were just off today, except for Jordann. She had a good day.” Newton competes at 2:40 p.m. Friday at the Ark Valley-Chisholm Trail League Division I championships at Seneca Bowl in Wichita. The Railer boys are the top seed. The Railer girls are the fourth seed. “The difference between winning and losing will be picking up spares,” Woolery said. “We had a lot of strikes, but we also had a lot of open frames.”

JUNIOR VARSITY — The Newton junior varsity girls downed Goddard Eisenhower 1,378-1,261. The Railer JV boys fell to Eisenhower by 33 pins, 1,939-1,906. For the junior varsity boys, Landon Cooper had Newton’s high series of 509. Cooper and Tylar Brockman each had Newton’s high game of 181. For the junior varsity girls, Jayden Stinchcomb had Newton’s high series of 375. She also had Newton’s high game of 143. “The JV boys did reasonably well,” Woolery said. “They almost took them. That was a pretty good score for the JV girls.” The junior varsity league meet is 2:45 p.m. Thursday at Seneca Bowl in Wichita. Varsity Girls GODDARD EISENHOWER (723-686-695—2,104) — Brooke Gile 191-141-171—503, Kayla Ternes 131-173-139—443, Shannon Kane 211-176-202—589, Bridget Lagana 190-181-183—554, Sarah Nelson 83-125-91—299, Cassidi Hardin 91-156-117—364. GODDARD (426-452-543—1,421) — Jenny Lechner 119-135-171—425, Lena Robinson 118-94-141—353, Lauren Rooney 75-124-124—323, Jazmine Tabor 83-99-107—289, Jodi Vuong 72-94-79—245, Miranda Boylin 106-89-91—286. NEWTON (689-543-619—1,851) — Melina Schroeder 175-151-162—488, McKenzie Senn 100-112-144—356, Jordann Parks 188-164-148—500, Taylor Perkins 164-115-165—444, Kami Bostick 137-99-120—356, Lexi Pauls 162-113-113—388. Varsity Boys GODDARD EISENHOWER (637-757-736—2,120) — Drew Taylor 145-187-153—485, Taylor Kenneford 135-188-141—464, Zach Jayne 149-190-116—455, Zach Bohanon 162-192-221—575, Zach Hardin 147-180-136—463, Dallas Jayne 179-168-211—558. GODDARD (633-645-572—1,850) — Kyle Gerkin 147-171-127—445, Chase Dreyer 170-181-148—499, Jeff Ferman 147-141-100—388, Zach Bell 169-152-173—494, Austin Widener 101-114-124—339, Steven Vuong 105-110-121—336. NEWTON (684-752-746—2,182) — Bryan Esau 168-200-197—565, Gabe Serrano 180-148-140—468, Jerrod Ashcraft 180-212-205—597, Austin Gronau 156-172-156—484, Isaac Fitzjerrold 125-131-113—369, Brogan Owens 134-168-188—490. Junior varsity girls Newton 1,378, Goddard Eisenhower 1,261 NEWTON — Elyse Cash 95-138-103—336, Jayden Stinchcomb 135-143-97—375, Mariah Casey 127-105-109—341, Leeanna Moore 79-85-71—235, Christina Sledd 93-122-111—326. Junior varsity boys Goddard Eisenhower 1,939, Newton 1,906 NEWTON — Andrew Rikoff 135-127-149—411, Tylar Brockman 115-181-172—468, Landon Cooper 163-165-181—509, Kohlby Ketchum 178-133-157—468, Ethan Cole 108-172-144—424, Tyler League 120-100-101—321. Thursday’s meet Varsity girls Derby 2,171, Wichita Heights 1,980, Newton 1,860 NEWTON — Schrader 179-154-169—502, Senn 150-163-182—495, Parks 113-148-168—429, Perkins 109-117-140—336, Bostick 124-121-167—412, Pauls 122-131-170—423. Varsity boys Wichita Heights 2,654, Derby 2,340, Newton 2,299 NEWTON — Esau 189-211-202—602, Serrano 176-204-195—575, Ashcraft 177-156-151—484, Gronau 167-160-166—493, Fitzjarrald 178-212-182—572, Owens 138-189-184—511. Junior varsity girls Derby 1,485, Newton 1,352, Wichita Heights 583 NEWTON — Cash 126-108-123—357, Stinchcomb 112-101-163—376, Casey 100-124-86—325, Moore 103-83-71—256, Sledd 103-112-75—291. Junior varsity boys Wichita Heights 2,141, Derby 2,002, Newton 1,997 NEWTON — Brockman 182-158-212—552, Rikoff 107-126-114—347, Cooper 156-159-219—534, Ketchum 149-172-140—461, Cole 113-142-138—393, Sweely 170-100-137—407.