Reader question: "What does Harvey County pay its County Counselor Greg Nye for his services, and how much did they pay him to handle unemployment claims in the past year?"

County answer: Anthony Swartzendruber, assistant administrator and finance director for the county, explains the job duties and compensation given to the designated county counselor.

1. What will Harvey County pay its County Counselor Greg Nye for his services this year?

The county counselor's contract is for $58,500.

2. How much did Harvey County pay him to handle unemployment claims in the past year?

Unemployment claims are covered within the county counselor's job duties.

3. What are the county counselor's job duties?

- Assignments from the County Commission or county departments. - Attend meetings of the Harvey County Commission. - Give advice on all legal questions that arise, and assist the commission on all legal matters. - Commence, prosecute or defend, as the case requires, all civil suits or actions in which the county is interested, and represent the county generally in matters of civil law. - Draw and/or review all contracts and other papers required by the County Commission, and furnish the board, when requested, with opinions in writing on legal matters pending before the County Commission. - Perform all the duties in civil matters that have previously been required by law of the county attorney. - Review county payment claims, per Kansas Statute KSA 19-716: "The county attorney or an assistant county attorney of each county of the state which does not have a county auditor and which has a population of less than 70,000 shall meet with the board of county commissioners of such county at each session when bills and accounts are presented for allowance, examine such bills and accounts, ascertain, as far as possible, the correctness of such accounts and give an opinion to the board of county commissioners as to the liability of the county for them. No bill shall be allowed by the board of county commissioners until the county attorney has passed upon it. If there is a county counselor of a county which is subject to this section, the county counselor shall perform the duties imposed on the county attorney by this section."

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