There has been a rash of vandalism by graffitti in Newton this month. There were eight cases reported in the last three days this week, and Newton Police say there have been 17 so far this month.

"We have noticed an increase in these type cases in the Northwest part of town," Police Lt. Eric Murphy said.

He said police have not yet determined if the cases are related.

Murphy said people should call in and report it when someone paints graffitti on their property.

In many of the cases it is sidewalks that are being painted. On Wednesday sidwalks at 500 W. Fith and 900 W. 18th, as well as the bridge on W. 10th St., were all painted.

On Tuesday the bridge over Sand Creek on North Main was painted, as were brick walls on W. Fifth and Centennial Park streets.

On Monday it was graffitti on the sidewalk on 17th street, and on a garage door on Emmaline St. Some businesses have also been effected, police reports say.

Anderson Liquor on Anderson, and the Dollar General Store on Old 81, were both painted with graffitti on Jan. 4.