Readers warned of local banking scam
By Ashley Bergner Newton Kansan
Kansan reader Beth Tuszynski warns community members of a local mail fraud scam.
She recently received a fraudulent letter in the mail. She said the sender pretended to be from her bank (Pinnacle Bank in Abilene) and attempted to get personal information from her by inviting her to call an 800 number to "check on fraud." The letter appeared to be on official letterhead.
Tuszynski confirmed with a staff member at Pinnacle Bank that the letter was a theft attempt and was not sent to her by her bank.
She advises others who receive suspicious letters to verify with their actual bank whether the letter is legitimate.
Wichita medical student trains in Newton
WICHITA — Hannah Fisher, a McPherson native and a fourth-year medical student at the KU School of Medicine–Wichita, received hands-on, clinical training in Newton from Ricardo Patron, M.D., at Via Christi Clinic.
Fisher was in Newton through Dec. 15.
The KU School of Medicine–Wichita Rural Preceptorship program exposes medical students to community-based medicine in rural Kansas communities, which is the most common kind of care across the state.
The program is in support of the school’s mission to educate doctors for Kansas and allows medical students an opportunity to participate in clinical medicine, procedures, hospital care, community health, and the business of medicine in a rural setting.
The KU School of Medicine–Wichita educates doctors for Kansas while improving the health of Kansans through research and innovation, a news release stated.
Glanzer receives new, three-year appointment
HILLSBORO — Dr. Jules Glanzer has received a new, three-year appointment as president of Tabor College following an evaluation conducted under the direction of the Tabor College Board of Directors.
Glanzer became the 13th president of Tabor College in 2008 after serving as dean of George Fox Evangelical Seminary in Portland, Ore. Under his leadership, Tabor has set enrollment records for each of the past five years and met the annual Tabor Fund goal of $1 million for two consecutive years.
“The evaluation process has been very encouraging,” said Lyndon Vix, chairman of the Tabor College board of directors. “Dr. Glanzer received positive comments from all areas of the Tabor constituency, and it is clear that his leadership has been instrumental in the college’s recent growth and financial stability.”
At the board’s request, Dr. Richard Kriegbaum, former president of Fresno Pacific University, and Dr. Biff Green, former president of Friends University, facilitated the evaluation.
“We are extremely grateful to Dr. Kriegbaum and Dr. Green for their service to Tabor in this way,” Vix said. “They are both extremely knowledgeable about leadership development and Christian higher education and their assessment of the data that was collected and accompanying recommendations to the Board are invaluable.”
The evaluation process began in 2011 following the passage of a formal policy regarding presidential reviews. Prior evaluations had been conducted on an ad hoc basis and, according to Vix, the board felt that this process needed to be formalized. A five-member advisory committee was appointed to assist the facilitators in conducting the evaluation.
“The Board is thankful for the honest and valuable feedback provided by faculty, staff, administrators and alumni as part of the evaluation,” Vix said. “In addition to providing strong affirmation for Dr. Glanzer’s leadership, the results of the evaluation have highlighted areas in which he and the Board can work together to continue to improve Tabor.”
According to Vix, a task force made up of Board members Dr. David Karber, Dr. Ted Faszer and Richard Gramza will be utilizing the evaluation results and the recommendations of the facilitators to identify performance goals and strategies that the Board and President Glanzer will implement over the next three years.
Regional Solid Waste Authority meeting announced
The Central Kansas Regional Solid Waste Authority's regular quarterly meeting will be Wednesday, Jan. 16, 7 p.m. at the McPherson County Transfer Station, 1431 17th Ave., McPherson.
Anxiety therapy group for children to be offered in McPherson
A weekly therapy group for children struggling with anxiety will soon be available at Prairie View's McPherson office at 1102 Hospital Drive.
The group will begin meeting Thursday, Jan. 17, from 4 to 5:30 p.m., and will continue for 18 sessions each Thursday afternoon. It will be led by Matt Schrader, MS, LCP, and Jennifer Schreiner, MS, LMLP.
The group will be targeted to males and females between the ages of 9 and 13 years old with an anxiety disorder, including Post-traumatic Stress Disorder.
"We will employ a cognitive behavioral therapy approach to anxiety education and management to provide group members with the skills necessary to cope with a variety of anxiety-producing situations," said Schrader.
The group will place the most emphasis on the following areas: affective education; awareness of bodily reactions when anxious; identification and modification of anxious self-talk; relaxation training; mastery and coping modeling; role plays and contingent reinforcement techniques; homework assignments; graduated sequence of training tasks and assignments; and graduated exposure to and practice of newly acquired skills in anxiety-eliciting situations.
"Groups are an especially good way to help children who are shy, socially inhibited and isolated," said Schrader, "as they provide many opportunities for initiation and maintenance of relationships, peer reinforcement, constructive feedback, vicarious learning and social rewards."
For more information, contact either Schrader or Schreiner at (620) 245-5000.
Prairie View is a faith-based, private behavioral and mental health services provider, offering a complete range of behavioral and psychiatric services for children, adolescents, adults and older adults, as well as consultation services to businesses and organizations. In addition to the main campus, including outpatient offices and a psychiatric hospital in Newton, Prairie View has outpatient locations in Hillsboro, Hutchinson, McPherson and Wichita.