This year, several local organizations took a step forward in their efforts to increase collaboration and improve health care in Harvey County.
Prairie View Inc. purchased the former Newton Professional Centre Building, located at 215 S. Pine St. in Newton. The organization plans to renovate the building, and have both the Harvey County Health Department and Health Ministries locate offices and offer services in the building.
“Our plans are to renovate the facility to become the home of the Harvey County Health Department, the Health Ministries Clinic and certain Prairie View Community Mental Health Center services,” said Jessie Kaye, Prairie View president and CEO. “We are excited about making holistic health care more available and more convenient for all who can benefit from our services.”
The three entities will start fund-raising for renovations — an anticipated $200,000 — for renovations to the property. Plans call for the three entities to move into the building within nine to 12 months.
“Harvey County is extremely excited to have the opportunity to collaborate with Health Ministries, Prairie View and our County Health Department to best serve the needs of our citizens under one roof,” said county commissioner Marge Roberson. “This will allow people to efficiently access health care services ranging from prevention to treatment in a safe and affordable environment, eliminating redundancies between providers.”
Once all are housed in one building, the three entities anticipate pursuing opportunities to combine resources in order to maximize the distribution of health information, patient education and access to services for patients.
All three organizations have worked cooperatively in the past. It is believed that locating offices for each of the three in the same building will lead to increased cooperation and easier referrals of patients.
“It is gratifying and rewarding to work together with Prairie View and the Harvey County Health Department,” said Jo Kasitz, board chair for Health Ministries. “Through our combined efforts, our goal of offering an expanded array of services is more attainable. As we are becoming more aware, behavioral health issues provide additional challenges for physical health and have very physical side effects. Through our integration of these services, access to primary care, along with health education and information will improve all aspects of health … leading to happier and more productive people in our community – which is the ultimate fulfillment of the mission of Health Ministries Clinic.”