Prairie Harvest Market and Deli, 601 N. Main, has recently developed two additional varieties of Peppernuts, one wheat-free and one low sugar, to accommodate people with dietary restrictions. These recipes were developed by Prairie Harvest baker, Miriam Regier, in consultation with the Kansas State University Department of Research and Extension.
The introduction of new peppernut varieties continues the process begun in 2011 when Prairie Harvest began baking peppernuts, the tiny, crunchy cookies that are a tradition for many during the holidays. The acquisition of Voran-Goertzen Peppernuts, which have filled Prairie Harvest shelves for over eight years, included a Traditional recipe with anise flavoring. Sales of the anise-flavored cookies soared last year and customers asked for variations on the original recipe. In addition to Wheat-free Low Sugar Peppernuts, Anise-free Peppernuts are also offered in response to customer requests.
Wheat-free Peppernuts are baked using a flour blend that does not include wheat or glutinous flours. Low Sugar Peppernuts are sweetened with a stevia baking blend and brown rice syrup, with 3 grams of sugar per serving rather than the 10 grams found in the Traditional recipe. According to Regier, developing these new recipes required special attention to the balance of liquid and dry ingredients in the dough. Sourcing a gluten free flour in bulk and finding the balance of sweeteners yet maintaining consistent flavor were additional challenges for Regier.
Prairie Harvest Market and Deli opened in 2000, expanded and moved to its current location in 2005. Co-owners are Becky Nickel and Carrie Van Sickle. The store website is