Robyn Brewster never intended to be a massage therapist.
She thought her career goal was to become a chef, but there wasn’t a culinary school close to where she was living. She began researching other fields, found a massage school, and eventually discovered a passion that would turn into a career.
“I enjoy being a massage therapist because it gives me the opportunity to help people improve their health,” Brewster said. “My goal is to show massage therapy isn’t just a luxury, that it’s a tool to improve your lifestyle and health with the added bonus of feeling like a luxury.”
Brewster is a graduate of the White River School of Massage Therapy in Fayetteville, Ark., and she has been a practicing massage therapist since 2004. She now owns Brewster Wellness Massage Therapy in Newton.
She offers a variety of massages — Swedish, Deep Tissue, Maternity and Sports/Injury — as well as other spa services such as salt scrubs, clay masques and herbal body wraps.
She recommends if you’ve never had a massage before, don’t start with “Deep Tissue.” This type of massage is much deeper and focuses on interior muscles. It’s better to start with a lighter massage and work your way up.
Brewster said some of the benefits of massages include lowering blood pressure, increasing circulation, exfoliating the skin, helping eliminate and heal injuries, and enabling the body to function properly.
“It wards off illness,” Brewster said.
Brewster Wellness and Massage Therapy is located at 325 N. Main St., Suite 3 (inside Mike Lewis Fitness) in Newton. Hours are by appointment only.
For more information about services, prices and holiday/seasonal packages, call (620) 240-0019 or visit