$9.33 million
WHAT IT IS: The amount of funding for public safety in Newton (fire/EMS and police departments) in 2013. The funding is up from $8.75 million in 2012, and $7.74 million in 2011.
FINANCIAL FACTS: Fire/EMS expenditures increased 5.9 percent, and police expenditures increased 7.7 percent. In terms of staffing, public safety accounts for 42 percent of the city's full-time workforce.
GROWING NEED: The 2013 budget includes funding for equipment and personnel for the city's new fire station constructed in 2011. According to the city's 2013 budget book, the new fire station will help accommodate the city's expansion southwards. In partnership with the school district, funding for three school resource officers was maintained. The school district funds 50 percent of salaries for these three officers.
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