Join Heartland Research Associates from 4:30 to 6 p.m. Nov. 28 for the Chamber After Hours at 700 Medical Center Drive, Suite 210. Take a tour of our office while enjoying beverages, light hors d’oeuvres and conversation. Heartland Research Associates was started by physicians Dr. Terry Poling, Dr. Terry Klein and Dr. Tom Klein, in their family practice in Wichita during the mid 1990s. Their first research study was a sinusitis trial. The trial proved to be beneficial to their patients’ care. The decision was made to become investigators in another study, a flu treatment study. These first studies spurred the physicians' excitement further in research; they saw direct results benefiting patients and the patients enjoyed being a part of the research process. Dr. Tracy Klein and Dr. Scott Meyers joined the Family Medicine East office in 2001, and began conducting research trials, as well. These five physicians decided to continue the commitment to progress patient care and revolutionize patients’ health, by conducting research trials they believe will improve medicines and a patient’s treatment. Colleagues of Heartland physicians heard about research and wanted to contribute. The Newton research facility is located in the family practice of Axtell Clinic. The research partnership started in 2003 with a high blood pressure study. Dr. Richard Glover II became a principal investigator and later Dr. Robyn Hartvickson, Dr. Troy Holdeman, Dr. Stacy Slechta and Dr. Gerald Lindholm joined the investigator team. The research organization added Dr. William Beck in 2006 to offer ophthalmology studies for patients. As of today the Axtell physicians have conducted more than 90 research trials with more than 1,600 volunteers from the Newton community. “Please join us Nov. 28 as we celebrate and recognize the Newton facility and physicians who continue to advance medicine and change lives,” a news release stated.